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Pomi Stern
w/ Steve Strange
the blitz kids
Visage live-Steve gets the puppets of Visage dancing
Like a robot he is dancing in difuse halfdarkness,eyes half closed.At his forehead wearing a yellow scarf,being sometimes hidden by his blonde coloured hair.In his slender fingers he is wearing a porcellan puppet.Suddenly he smashes it on the floor turning to the 4 girls,who were sitting stiff on the floor.
They wake up to life when Steve moves the invisible threads and letīs them dance like Marionettes.This is the latest show of the Visage star.Like this he will be seen at 20.May for minutes in TV.In the movie"Pommi Stern" Steve plays a star who meets an old girl-friend.He had a great career,had success in the charts,
while his girl-friend still plays in an unknown band in small pubs.In the movie Steve hopes tha this old girl friend will return to him-"but the bill is not even".This short act is the first film role for Steve.Even though he had few careers in different jobs-as doorkeeper of a club in London,as fashion designer and as being deliverer of ideas for David Bowie-he was well known before he went in the charts as singer of Visage.Steve is trusting Perry blindly."I canīt give any concerts,because the musicians,with that I producemy records,are themself so successful with their bands.Because of this I only can get TV appearance.And itīs Perry who learnes me every dance step to the songs,while I think of new costumes and masks.What is the meaning of the lyrics of "Fade to grey"many Visage fans ask.Steves explanation:"Not long ago I have been in Berlin and I looked over "the wall" to East-Berlin.A tristess overview.Everythink appeared being grey for me,weird,threatning-the barbed wire,the Vopos.And then I saw an old,tired man moving with a stick.Tired,disappointed of life.And there in mind the picture of "Fade to grey" came to me:getting into grey,in the old age,sinking into nothing.This mood should the song tell about.

                 Bravo Magazine - may 1981