Fansite for The "Zimbabwe Cheetah"
This page was the fansite of the Zimbabwean gymnast Alexandra Muis d'Entrmont Govere, affectionatley known as the Zimbabwe Cheetah.  Alexandra was the first female of color to compete on the Zimbabwean national artistic gymnastics team.  She was the highest scorer on the balance beam for Zimbabwe at the 1999 All Africa Games ("the African Olympics"), and was also one of Zimbabwe's formost  ballerinas.  She was accepted into some of the leading ballet schools in the United States, such as the schools of the Boston Ballet and the San Fransisco Ballet. Alexandra, along with her sister Saunsuray, founded Kijana Project--a non-profit organization that helps children who are HIV affected/infected and educates youth around the world about HIV.  Her work has been featured in publications such as Teen People, Elle Girl, Essence, Crisis, and Girl's Life, as well as on a CNN News and Voice of America.  Alexandra was knighted for her contributions to the international community for her HIV/AIDS service to youth.  She is currently attending Stanford University and recording her first CD.  Because of her busy schedule,  this site and  its links have been taken down, but Alexandra's myspace site is still active, and is located at:

Here are a few links to Alexandra's activities
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Alexandra's and her sister Saunsuray's billboard photo