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Updated  Sept 10/06
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Savannah is so excited .....she will be leaving for her new home in Edmonton soon.  She will be saying hi to all her fans at the Edmonton cat show on Sept 23 and 24/06 and she hopes to see you there!!  
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Norwegian Forest Cats - there are no words that can describe them adequately. They are beautiful, soft, loving, caring, gentle, strong, graceful, and intelligent.  They are wonderful companions.  We are honored to have them as part of our lives. 

We love them dearly and enjoy having them as  part of our daily family life.  We are very proud of them and the joy they bring.    I hope you enjoy your visit with us.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

Don and Lorraine
(note - no s on the end of saskkat and a double K)
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Saskkats Miracle
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Kitten announcements will be coming later in September
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July 28/06
- Saskkats Miracle our new blue cream girl
July 11/06 -
CH Saskkats Quinton pictures added
July 13/06 - Saskkats Quinton & QTE (Toby & Tessa) pictures added
July 20/06 - Iris Rainbow awards

CH Morild'sAurora of Saskkats as a kitten in Norway
CH Moltemyr Lotus of Saskkats
Luna's brother at 4 years of age
CH Moltemyr Luna of Saskkats
As a kitten
Congratulation Virginia Gaddis and Stetson on your accomplishment!!

Stetson (Sugar Puppy) is a cream McTabby who has a big heart.  He is very loving and loves to show and meet people.  An absolute joy
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