Postmodern Sass Goes to the U.K., July 2005

In July, 2005, Postmodern Sass spent a week in the U.K., in Glasgow and Bristol. The reason for the trip was her PhD studies, but while she was there a great many historic events took place, none of which had anything to do with her. The Live 8 concert was in progress the day she arrived. There were protesters in Edinburgh. The announcement that London had one the 2012 Olympic bid was made, and a few days later, the London subway system was bombed by terrorists.

Postmodern Sass's PhD buddy, Hutch, had a digital camera and took some pictures, which you can see here on this page, below. You can also follow these links to read the stories in Postmodernes Sprachspielen:

One More Cup Of Coffee, about Sass's last day in Bristol

Under Construction, about the plane trip from Toronto to Bristol, with reflections on Terminal 1

(Still) Under Construction, where Sass sits at the airport bar musing about a mural

Give me a ticket for an aeroplane, at the Glasgow airport

Another Brick In The Wall, the final installment, when Sass finally tells about her time in Bristol

Postmodern Sass and her PhD buddies across from the Ostrich Inn, which has a hole in the wall where the pirates crept through a tunnel to their ship on the Avon, about a quarter of a mile away.

The road from the university to the King George VI pub, where we spent far too much time discussing philosophy (hey, they don't call it a Doctor of Philosophy for nothing!) led past this family of geese who lived on the lawn of the government building where aircraft engineers worked on top secret projects, which, after a few pints at the pub they'd tell us about.

Of course, we did a bit of pub hopping.

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