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Hi my name is Sassy
And welcome to my webpage.
I created this webpage in hopes
That it will give everyone a better understanding of who I am.
So let me start by telling you a little
about myself.
My real name is Sassy by the way.
I'm 33 years old,
I'll be 34 on Feb 14th.
Yes I'm a Valentines baby..lol
I was born and raised in a small
town in South Carolina where I still
live with my 2 beautiful children,
I enjoy painting, drawing, sketching,
cooking, reading, listening to music,
watching beautiful sunsets,
And writing poetry,
All the poetry you read on this website
was writen by me.
I have writen over 500 poems and
I have several published.
And I take pride in all that I do.
Well I hope you enjoy your visit here.
And please leave me a message on
the messageboard
loving hugs and angel kisses Sassy.