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Hi!  Thanx for taking a bit of your time to learn a little about me.

I am a 23 year-old resident of northwestern Wisconsin. It's very beautiful here - that is, if you don't mind some of the cold weather -...brrr!
I was homeschooled for about four years and obtained an HSED in May of 2000.  I have four older brothers and one younger sister (I was the only one homeschooled).
My hobbies and interests are always changing.  I tend to get 'in to' things very quickly and spend a lot of time accumulatively in short bursts on different things.  Most of my interests leave just as suddenly as they are developed (you can check out what I'm up to these days by clicking on the favorite things link on the left hand side of this page).
I have been diagnosed with depression (recently determined to be chronic) for awhile now (dealing with it isn't as tough as dealing with me on some days *wink*).  I was also diagnosed with Endometriosis in August of 2003.  Please visit my page dedicated to
Endo Awareness.
I'm also currently a student at the
Chippewa Valley Technical College here in Eau Claire.  I am persuing an Associate Degree in Health Information Technology.