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Well im a single mom, 36, dedicated to my kids....wanna see some pics of them??? i have links all over the place...try clicking them all...and you will see pics... You can catch me on yahoo...or icq....60238125 oh that is if the kids will let me have a turn on the computor!
i love my kids they are totally number one....if you dont like kids dont bother me...*smiles* ...and i like campin alot...yippee here comes summer...and picnics...and walkin on the beach..and the moonlight..lookin at the stars...and music..and..dancin.(wish i could sing)..and flowers...and plants...and chinese food...oh and i love suprises..i love garage sales..and sunday drives...i love laughter and jokes and havin fun and smiles..i like dimples too...i am going thru hockey withdrawls big time...I work part time from my computor at home and have a few contracts doing things like office clean up and i help some elderly folks on the weekends...i also do firesafety stuff which is kinda cool...but am always looking for more work i can do from home so i can be there for the kids after school.., ......sooo dont ya need me to do those nasty forms you hate doing...or possibly that annoying mailout...how bout a wake up call, is your alarm clock not trustworthy??? Hey dont forget to sign the guest book so i know you were around...plus if you dont ill just have to pout!!!!:(
i love my kids. my son is gonna be a heart breaker someday.hes in grade 3 and is quite a handfull...he is trying to be cool and wont hold my hand anymore any where near the school :( ....my daughter is my angel....she is deaf...and we are learning sign language..she is so good at it...and teaches me the wrong signs just for a joke.. my mother(Lady Di-and wears those shoes well) is an ultimate roll model, whom i hope someday i can compare. OHHH and of course my dog and cat...whom i love dearly..i gotta get a pic of them!!! and my fishys who lay eggs just to eat them..weird.. Hey Wisconson...i hate that you live so far away.....mmmm i want more cookies....wink* Curlz...you da man....come on sing me a song! and if i didnt mention you im sorry it does not mean i dont love you too but it just means that you didnt sign my guestbook...!! and i probably havent had time to update this page....but its never too late....go for it ...id love to add ya into my special list of friends or possibly into my heart and life!
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