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    We all know how "great" the media is in digging, then airing and sensationalizing other  people's dirty laundry.  When it comes to the media's own dirty laundry, however, they deny and play dumb when the tables are turned.  In short, this case and web site is about the media utilizing sophisticated eavesdropping and surveillance technologies on  the Plaintiff and then illegally disseminating the interceptions to various media affiliates.    Think of all the times you have heard the people in the media cowardly use "unnamed sources;" well perhaps this satellite surveillance is used more often than one could imagine.  Do not ever expect the media to discuss this dirty secret.
    The case description and links below are intended to inform the public of the criminal activity and dirty secrets in the TV and Radio media/broadcasting industry, particularly CNN, ABC, and regional stations of KVOA, KOLD, KGUN and KNST.   This case is now being appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Both the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the District Court of Arizona neglected to qualitatively address the core issue of satellite surveillance, and have effectively provided the media with protection for this illegal activity. In addition, those judges apparently relied on deceptive statements (perjury) submitted by the media defendants.  The surveillance began approximately April 1995 and the lawsuit was filed in August 1997.
    Satellite surveillance is conducted by the media most likely in conjunction with some agency of the U.S. Federal government, such as the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) or National Reconnaissance Office (NRO).  The full truth of this behavior yet needs to be revealed, and if justice prevails, the U.S. Supreme Court will remand the case and allow for discovery to proceed in support of the 4th Amendment and privacy rights as well as other issues in the case for not only the Plaintiff, but all Americans. Meanwhile, consider the 4th Amendment and protection from unreasonable searches and seizure ERASED from the Constitution.

The significant portions of the case filings are linked below:

Material Facts in the Case (learn about surveillance technologies and media practices)
Plaintiff's Reply in Support of Material Facts
Plaintiff's Motion to Compel Discovery
Plaintiff's Objections to Magistrate's Report & Recommendation
Plaintiff's Appellate Brief--9th Circuit Court
Plaintiff's Appellate Petition for Reconsideration--9th Circuit Court
Supreme Court Issues For Review
Coming Soon: Plaintiff's Petition to the U.S. Supreme Court

A few links to Satellite Surveillance and privacy rights:

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John Marshall Journal of Computer & Informational Law:Satellite Surveillance: Will Our 4th Amendment Rights Be Lost in Space?--
Stanford Journal of International Law: News gathering by Satellites--

Berger v. Hanlon (1997, 9th Circuit): A recent case recently decided by the U.S. Supreme Court involving CNN intruding inside a person's home in a "deal" with federal agents utilizing hidden microphones.

Enemy of the State-Hollywood's depiction of this surveillance technology.
Electronic Privacy Information Center
EPIC News Alerts
International Privacy Informational Site

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