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About this site

This site contains self evaluation tests designed for anyone who is currently working as Unix system administrator or is looking to become one or for that matter anyone interested. These tests could benifit in perticular people appearing for job interview or certification test. This site also features some useful system administration links and related news and articles so visit regularly.

Using Self Evaluation Tests

Each of the tests has 20 multiple choice questions to be answered before clicking on "Test" button at the bottom of the test page. To get started just click on any one of the following tests. 1. Unix Concepts1, 2. System Administration1, 3. System Administration2, 4. Sun Solaris Administration1, 5. Advanced Unix Concepts, 6. Linux Administration

News and Views

Thu, 21 Feb 2002 18:10
Thank you for visiting this site. First fours tests are now online..

Sat, 16 Feb 2002 06:00
This column will feature news, views and comments from system administration point of view. Currently this site is being updated.

Background and more info

These tests were originally written for hiring Unix admins at a consulting company. But after realizing that there are not many free and good tests for system administration, I decided to make them available online. You are welcome to use this site and free to copy the contents with the condition that this site be mentioned as source. Also this site is not error free at all so feel free to report any errors or mistakes but author is not liable for anything.

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You welcome to send your criticism, comments and suggestions

About the Author

The author of this site has over ten years of Unix admin expirience mainly with Sun Solaris and has worked with Sun, Lucent and IBM on contract positions.