Welcome to this homble Shrine, dedicated to Satoshi Hiwatari from D.N.Angel. Back in the day, when I had first stumbled upon this beautiful manga, I was so impressed by Satoshi that I had to go onto the Internet and find more information out about this mysterious man. To my dismay, I found nothing but for a few small shrines dedicated to him.
            So using my God-like abilities, I created this "To Anyone Else". I plan to make it a very large and detailed Shrine dedicated to our favorite blue-haired man. In here, you will find Information about each character, a bit about the plot and mangas. There are scans of the manga itself, being that I own 1-4 and the Febuary issue of
Asuka. There are Computer Themes that I made and Wallpapers donaited by a very good friend of mine. Fanart that I myself drew for your veiwing pleasure and links to the few sites out there dedicated to Satoshi.
          Please do not take anything, though I do not have copyrights to
D.N.Angel, I spent a very long time scanning the images and gathering the information. If you want anything, please just e-mail me and I will be more than happy to give you permission with the right agreements. The fanart/themes and wallpapers, though, do belong to me. So if you are interested in using them for your webiste, just notify me and I'll give you permission, with again, the right agreements.
          Updates will come occasionally when I have something new to add, so come back every once and a while to see what is new. ^-^ Enjoy your stay and leave feedback if you wish, specially if some of my stated information is wrong. Ja!