SATHANAS entered the extreme Metal scene in the 1980's with their Satanic Death demo "Ripping Evil" with Paul Tucker, Mike Smith,Dave Smith,Bill Smiley, the first track Jaws of Satan became a favorite with Death Metal listeners. Problems with rehearsals caused
SATHANAS to dissolve shortly afterwards, with Mike Smith & Dave Smith going to ACHERON and Paul Tucker starting BATHYM. 

BATHYM released the "Into Darkness" demo in 1990, which was the followed shortly afterward by the "Demonic Force" 7" ep, on the French label Thrash Records. With interest waning in BATHYM , Paul Tucker once again conjured up SATHANAS , since people were asking about the group and mentioning that they should reform the band. Adding new bassist to the group Bill Davidson which is still present today in
SATHANAS, Paul took over as lead singer, and the added Jim Baker on drums. They recorded their 1995 debut full-length "Black Earth" for After Dark Records. After Dark Records went bankrupt and the band switched to Metal Merchant of Chicago, USA with whom the re-recorded "Black Earth", with three extra tracks, later that same year. Metal Merchants also went under. 

The band contacted Pulverized Record and they were interested in a mcd. So they recorded their "Cruentus Diabolos " 2001 mcd at the Audio loft in Ambridge,PA. Which now will be released by Drakkar records of France. Since Pulverised also had money
problems. Blackmetal.com showed interest in SATHANAS and signed them on for a full CD "Thy Dark Heavens" to be released July of 2001. Blackmetal is also going to release the unreleased 96 "Black Earth" CD which Afterdark Records was supposed to release. "BLACK EARTH" & The new CD "THY DARK HEAVENS" are out now on BLACKMETAL.COM and have been getting great reviews around the world.