The way I like Goa

I was brought up in Goa, and it is a land that has ever fascinated me. It is rightly famous for its wonderful beaches, Temples and Churches. I think Goa is much more than this. Interiors of Goa are much more beautiful and are unspoiled by reckless tourism. As it would be expected, these places are inconvenient to visit by public transport. There are many more interesting places than those I have enlisted below.

TAMBDI SURLA : This is probably the oldest temple that one could find in Goa. It is built by stacking slabs of stones one on top of the other in geometric perfection to form the complete architecture (There is no cementing substance used). Temples similar to this could be found in Badami-Pattadakal, in Karnatak state. But this temple is the only one of its kind in Goa. No two supporting pillars bear the same design on them. Yet, they all look congruous from a distance. There is a stream flowing in the vicinity of the temple. The whole surrounding is serene.
About 14 km (9 miles) from Molem.
About 20 km (14 miles) from Valpoi.
About 80 km (just 14 Km off the way towards Belgaum) from Panaji GO UP

MOLEM: This is at the foothills of Sahyadri mountain range. Anmod Ghat begins from here. It has a Lodge managed by the Tourism Department of Goa. The rooms are very comfortable. Bhagvan Mahavir wild life sanctuary is within a distance of 6 km (4 miles). There are plenty of walkways there. Best time to visit is from Sept- February. If you are very much into walking, Devil’s canyon is 14 km away and can be approached from Molem as well as from Culem.
Location: About 65 km (42 miles from Panaji) on way to Belgaum.

PALOLEM BEACH: Used to be a quiet place with a lengthy stretch of silver sand beach and an island which can be walked to, as seawater here is very shallow. It rises to high level only during the spring-tide.

BONDALA PARK: It is managed by the Forest Department of Goa. The cottages are beautiful. The whole area is very calm and you will find yourself in close company of Nature. Here also you will find many walkways.

CHORLEY GHAT: On way towards Belgaum via Sanquelim and Jamboti: It is a 18 km long incline on the way from Sanquelim taking you towards Jamboti on way to Belgao. You will be tempted to make many halts on the way to have a good look at the scenic beauty of the valley.

HARVALE FALLS: and Lord Shiva temple (Near the Sanquelim town) There is a little power generating station that runs on the kinetic energy provided by the waterfalls and powers the temple and the surrounding houses.

AMBOLI GHAT (Maharashtra State): Is a very enjoyable stretch of road (16 KM/10 miles). It connects Sawantwadi to Belgaum / Kolhapur. There are a couple of waterfalls on the way where you could stop for an hour or so. There are a number of points to see around Amboli.
• Hiranyakeshi river origin: This is about 5 km from the Amboli bus station.
• Parvati point.
• Mahadeo-gad view point.
• Naagartas falls: About 5 km towards the direction of Belgao.
• A small zoo.
• Sunset point.

CULEM: (Rail station from where one can go to Devil’s canyon, walk on meandering walkway (or by the side of railway line !!?*) to Doodhsagar falls.
Location: About 70 Km (45 miles) from Panaji and 7 km (5Miles) from Molem.
From here one may walk to Devil’s canyon (5km/ 4 miles). On the way to Devil’s canyon, you come across a stream/river at 2 places. Of the two, you need to cross the first which is quite shallow and may be at the deepest point 4 feet deep. The other river crossing is on your onward way to Dudhsagar and is very close to Devil’s canyon. You may have a little swim in the stream here if its flow is slow enough.
DEVIL’s CANYON: At this point, the river has a great depth and is quite narrow. The water runs very slowly. Swim here at your own risk, as there could be eddy currents in the stream. People have lost their lives here. The surroundings are very interesting.
DUDHSAGAR: This is a spectacular waterfall. If you reach there by the walkway (14 Km from Culem), at the end of your walkway, there are a couple of magnificent "Bayleaf" trees. From there you may find your own way to the stream and keep traveling upwards till you get the splendid view of Dudhsagar falls. At the bottom of falls, there are a couple of moderate size lakes with slow flow rates. One could spend whole day there if enough provisions for eating are taken along. The stream water is good to drink. But filter it before consuming.