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CarolynMy name is Carolyn Dahl and I am the owner of Satinboreas Maltese. I belong to the American Maltese Association, and the Evergreen Maltese Club. I have a Masters Degree in Special Education, and am a teacher by profession. My dogs are my hobby, love, and passion.

The name Satinboreas is derived from two of my first little maltese. "Satin" comes from Kathan's Nite In White Satin, "Tim". "Boreas" comes from one of my little dogs who came from the old Boreas line of dogs. Hense, the name Satinboreas.

I purchased my first two Maltese from the Kathan line in 1988. They were Kathan's Jaime Rebel and Kathan's Nite in White Satin. Jaime Rebel ended up being pet quality and was spayed and placed in a pet home. I began showing Kathan's Nite in White Satin "Tim", then had a series of personal tragedies happen and I didn't show again until 1996.

In 1996 I purchased a beautiful baby-doll faced male named Ch. Myi's Midsummer Night Swan "Smooshie", bred by Judy Hunter. His dam is BISS Ch. Myi's Summer Swan, who was bred and finished by Judy Hunter. Smooshie's sire is Ch. Le Aires J.R.'s Revenge, owned by Madonna Garber and JudyCarolyn and McQuiston, and now owned by Trula Walker. Smooshie was a fun little dog for me to show. In the first two weeks he was here I entered him in three Utah shows. In the first and second shows he took Best of Winners for two points each day. On the third day he took Winners Dog for another point. It was a great beginning!

I now own two finished champions, "Smooshie" and Ch. Hardwick's Sugar Plum Fairy "Maria". Smooshie and Maria have two baby girls who will begin their own show career very soon. You can see their photos on the Puppy page.

My purpose in showing and breeding Maltese is to improve the breed. I strive for beautiful heads, good fronts and rears, level top lines, sufficient leg and neck, silky white coats, correct movement, and good temperaments. Although I strive to breed Maltese that fit the standard, as outlined by the AKC, I also do my best to breed little dogs that will make good companion dogs. Because a Maltese is a show dog for a short period of time, but is a companion for the rest of it's life.

I breed only a few litters a year and occasionally have puppies to be placed in pet homes.

If you have any questions or comments
you can email me at crdahl@home.com

Or phone me at:# 1-801-583-3733

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