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Poverty...what images or words come to mind when you hear the word? Do you think of homeless people living on the street? Minorities living in ghettos? Teenage mothers? Starving children in third-world countries? These are all common conceptions of poverty, but there's more. We feel that poverty is something out there, someplace outside of our insulated paradigm. What many fail to realize is that poverty is victimizing people right here on our own soil! True, it's difficult to easily see because our nation is one of wealth and opportunity, but look deeper.
   Poverty doesn't just happen to one specific group. While certain groups of people are suffering from high poverty rates, that knowledge doesn't guarantee that it'll never happen elsewhere. While we as a nation are doing our best to aid the poor around the world, let's also not forget the poor who are living here. We can do just as much for them here as we can for those living abroad.

This page exists to spread awareness of poverty, provides links to in-depth statistics and reputable websites, and offers tips on how you can help. This site is new and updated weekly, so please be patient as new information is added. Feel free to drop me a message or sign my guestbook with any questions, comments, stories,etc.

!.) Men, women, CHILDREN. Children make up the majority of poor persons in the U.S. They are the poorest of the poor, and have NO VOICE in deciding what will happen to their lives.

2.) People of EVERY background, age, race, and gender. Poverty rates are high among the elderly and single mothers.


1.)Bums,Beggars, Lazy, or Just; Plain Unambitious people. Even worse, people who LIKE living that way!.

2.)Stupid or Ignorant people. While education is a crucial factor in determining the standard of living, it is by no means a way to justify labeling others as stupid. Uneducated does NOT equal stupid. Often, the poor use certain amounts of creativity and adaptability to ensure their survival. Trust me, income level is NOT indicative of a high I.Q!

3.) ONLY minorities, ONLY pregnant teens, ONLY criminals

The facts must be emphasized while myths must be debunked in order to effectively reach out to the poor
The Racial Gap
Trouble Ahead for Medicaid
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