Miscellaneous Activities

Prof. Satyabrata Pal

Ph.D., F.A.Sc.T., F.A.Sc.T., F.I.A.H.

Elected Member, International Statistical Institute

(Head Office : Voorberg, Netherlands)

Miscellaneous Activities

 1.                After assumption of the charge of Department of Agricultural Statistics as Head in 1985, the two-year post graduate programme in Agricultural Statistics was introduced in November 1985. The M.Sc. Programme has since been continuing in the department.

2.                Organised the training course entitled “Appreciation course on computer programming” for post graduate students and research scholars of BCKV in the Department of Agricultural Statistics in 1986.

3.     Organised the training course entitled “Three week training programme on computer programming” successfully for two years (1987 and 1988) for the teachers of the Viswavidyalaya in the Department of Agricultural Statistics during the tenure of Headship (1985-1988).

4.      Membership of Professional Societies : (a) Calcutta Statistical Association (LIFE), (b) Indian Statistical Association (LIFE), (c) Indian Society of  Agricultural Statistics (LIFE), (d) Indian Statistical Institute (Annual-continuing), (e) Indian Association for Productivity, Quality and Reliability (LIFE), (f) Philippines Statistical Association (LIFE), (g) Inland Fisheries Society of India (LIFE), (h) International Biometric Society, (i) Society for Statistics, Computer and Applications (LIFE), (j) Indian Science Congress Association (LIFE), (k) Indian Society of Remote Sensing LIFE), (l) Indian Association of Hydrologists (LIFE).  

5.      Journal Refereeing: a) Calcutta Statistical Association Bulletin, (b) Sankhya, (c) IAPOR Journal, (d) Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, (e) Journal of Statistical Planning and Interference, (f) Journal of Indian Statistical Association.               

6.      Member (Ex): Board of Governors, Indian Association for Productivity, Quality and Reliability, C/o Dept. of Statistics, Calcutta University

7.       Adviser: Board of Editors, Sample Survey Research Group, C/o Indian Statistical Institute, Baranagar, Calcutta

8.      Member (Ex):  Executive Committee, International Biometric Society, Indian Region 

9.     Member (Ex):  Executive Council, Society of Statistics Computer & Applications, 1703, Chittaranjan Park, N/D 

10.    Chairmam:    Finance Committee (Statutory), International Biometric Society, USA.

11.   Member (Ex):  Governing Council, Indian Statistical Association, C/O, Poona University, Pune.

12.    Member (Ex): Board of Directors, Calcutta Statistical Association, Dept. of Statistics, Calcutta University.

Experience as Consultant and Guide

Consulting services were offered on various statistical aspects before and after actual experimentation conducted under M. Sc. and Ph. D. Programmes specially in the following disciplines. These services include advising in regard to the application of statistical methodology to researchers and teachers associated with different projects as well.

Disciplines: Agronomy, Genetics and Plant Breeding, Plant Physiology, Bio-Chemistry, Entomology, Animal Genetics, Fishery, Meteorology, Hydrology, Biotechnology.

Guidance was imparted on the following statistical problems with respect to planned and controlled research experiments (a part of service as consulting service) was rendered during the tenure of service at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), P.O. Box 933, Manila, (Philippines in 1983) and also on other types of problems elsewhere.

A) General:

1.   Assessment of competition effects present in yield data and subsequent application of   appropriate remedial measures in order to obtain actual yield estimates.

2.   Determination of appropriate size of plots in presence of fertility gradient along one or two directions.

3.    Selection of appropriate design to be used in consonance with the objective of the experiment and type of experimental field provided for the purpose.

4.   Identification of relevant and typical contrasts of treatment effects and designing of appropriate set up for estimation and testing of these contrasts in connection with entomological experiments under both glass house and field conditions.

5.    Determination of inter-tree spacing in experiments with trees.

6.    Response models used for describing yield density relationship.

B)  Special (at IRRI and elsewhere)

1.   Residual study for identification of the underling distribution and randomness of data    observed on the    character under study in planned and designed experiment.

2.   Appropriate spatial modelling under confirmed randomness and non-normality in presence of   treatment effects.

3.   Use of LER, ELER & SLER for assessment of yield advantage from intercrop experiments.

4.   Advantage of bivariate analysis on data obtained under particular intercrop situations.

5.   Variogram analysis of yield data on jute and rice.

6.   Modelling spatial distribution related to insect population.

7.   Nonparametric and semi-.parametric models in Agriculture.

8.   Application of cluster analysis technique in Fishery Science.

9.   Application of spline technique in modeling growth dynamics of fish

10.  Application of density estimation techniques in identifying peaks from mixed population in Agriculture and  Fishery Sciences.



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