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The Accurate Group History

There was a school in Patna named St. Severins where the five heroes (Bharat, Nitesh, Satyajit, Sidharth and Raj) of the story met together like strangers and after a long regime of fight, disliking and collision were bonded in a strong  “BANDHAN”. In the other part of the story we came to know about a teacher of the same school named Shubhankar Dutta, whose FLUENCY POINT was the place were all the five previous heroes of the story came to know about a new character named Rupesh. Soon the all formed a group of six and each of them was no doubt better then all individual in their respective sense. Its was the end of the year 1996 when all first five heroes got admitted to an open school for matriculation it was just all happened at random and they met the funky-dude named Abhishek and hence the accurate group crossed the mark of six. Days passed on and all the jems passed their matriculation exams. Three of the stars took admission in 10+2 at Rammohum Roy Seminary where they found another diamond in the sand named Nishant, the eighth pillar of the accurate group. Some one has said right, “The best of time, the best of friends, comes to mind as life bends”. (Authored by: Rupesh)

The Accurate Group Agenda

Welcome to our team. We are so pleased to have you join the accurate group. Always carried on with your integral support you will surely overcome any hurdles regarding computers and its purposeful utilization. So expertise in a revolution called “computer and internet awareness” and is a part of the race. Come join us and you will feel yourself at the acme. Satyajit Prakash, the person who currently handles most of our authority and all issues related to overcome the easiest way to get rid of each and every minutest problem that would create a problem would be available to answer any questions you have as you get settled in for the first time. I am sure Satyajit will be happy to have another attorney to help with the ever-increasing caseload. (By: Rupesh)

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