Friends of the Sauk River



By-Laws of the Friends of the Sauk River


Visioning Session Report

Originating in Lake Osakis, the Sauk River flows 90 miles before entering into the Mississippi River near the town of Sauk Rapids. This scenic river is now severely threatened by discharges and runoff from sources such as septic systems, stormwater, feedlots and agricultural fields. Much needs to be done to protect the river and to restore it to its original beauty.

Friends of the Sauk River is a newly formed citizens organization whose mission is to improve, protect, and enjoy the natural resources of the Sauk River Watershed.


Future activities of the Friends of the Sauk River include: organizing a river celebration, river cleanup days, monitoring programs, and many more activities.


If you are interested in joining our organization please contact us by email or visit our discussion list.


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