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Hmmmm, theres really not much I can say... about me.
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Just some stuff I like:

Anime, D.O.A., Silent Hill, Fear Effect, Kittie, Rifts, tall women, Resident Evil, Slipknot, Japan, 311, Final Fantasy, zombies, bats, Pantera, Fear Factory, Jay and Silent Bob, Foxtrot, Bruce Lee movies, anatomy, Metal Gear, Tool, eggs, pizza, Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, Rifts RPGs and CCGs, Trigun, Mudvayne, & Lexx.

Some of my favourite movies and actor/tressess: Fight Club, The Fifth Element, Vamire Hunter D, Bloodlust, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back; Xenia Seeberg, Brad Pitt, & Milla Jovovich.
I'd rather not say, but I see my future as being a radiologist/technician, raising a beautiful daughter and living the life I always wanted. I can't see myself ever finding the perfect woman for me, so I plan on adopting.