SAUNA is a new band from the outskirts of Batangas City. Contrary to what the kids are used to (e.g. bands that champion some beliefs like sXe, animal rights, sexual, human rights, respect...etc.) sauna is just a group of people who like to play furious music without clinging unto banners of some sort. Lyrically wise, past super-emotional encounters are what this band is singing about and that ultimaltely explains the sound and the stage fury that these guys deliver.

Show nights are surely fun and Sauna is hitting almost every one of them. Be sure to check them out at your local gigs. If you're lucky(Sauna guys too), you'll sure find them playing your town. Contact us if you want us on your shows and we'll let you know when we'll visit you. You can check out Sauna's latest gigs and if you find your town in the roster, there's a possibility that we can come at ya!

a dose of reality first issue coming out soon so be on the lookout.. it's a brand new independent magazine created by a collective of art, poetry, music and life enthusiasts (aren't we all).

It features an interview and artworks from Derek Hess, interview with the Spectacle, xerox art, cd and zine reviews and so much more.

what a great way to start the summer by having a hardcore show to jumpstart the hot nights of Batangas City. Looks to me as if the guys from down south aren't bearing down from the music scene. You can expect total pandemonium from bands like Survival of the Fittest, By Storm, Sauna, In Pain, Nuclear Turmoloid, Settled Down, Ignite the Senses, Beauty of Doubt, Aurora, Fistfight Frenzy and a whole lot more bands from different areas. The show will be on March 27, 2004 at the Batangas City Lion's Club Den.

i sure hope Sauna hits the recording studios soon. The boys are planning to release a split demo with By Storm, a hardcore band from the Manila area swiftly gaining the respect of many with their own brand of out for, it's gonna be a monster release from Take4 Collective. Still out from T4 is the brand new Feud CD entitled Battling Bastards of Freedom. Also available are This is Cavite, Not L.A., a compilation of songs from the bands of Cavite, and the ol' Feud CD For the Sake of Unity. Keep in touch with T4 Collective.Click contact us above for details on how to order.

my band sucks and i wanna play better. Good thing our boy Glenn put up a rehearsal studio for the rising stars of the underground music scene. Be sure to visit the studio at the grounds of the Alpa hotel, Batangas City. Just look for Glenn or Arjelou, you'll know he's there, you'll feel his presence.

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