Saunders Inc. of Huntsville, Alabama
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Macintosh Parts
PC Repair:
We rebuild PC's, Macintosh and laptops, provide virus and spyware removal, software and hardware installation, memory upgrade, maintentance, computer networking, Macintosh G4/G5 hard drive installation, Macintosh uprade OS, free repair analysis and more year after year.
Desktop Publishing:
We do advertisements, banners, brochures, business forms, calendars, catalogs, flyers, gift certificates, greeting cards, business cards, invitation cards, labels, designer stationary sets, newsletters, resumes, signs, websites and more year after year.

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Tax Preparation:
We E-file, provide instant refund anticipation loans, state & federal IRS refunds, tax software, business tax, accounting, free tax consultation, amendment service and more year after year.
Private Protection:
We provide inhouse security (personal property), contract (private security), security police (full police powers of crime prevention, law enforcement and investigation), loss prevention agent (apprehension on private property), personal protection agent (bodyguard) and more year after year.
Thank you for your interest in Saunders Inc. of Huntsville, Alabama. Our goal is to provide efficient, courteous and professional service. We offer affordable rates with complete and competant care.

Saunders Inc. of Huntsville, Alabama's goal is this: We have made a commitment to provide all of our clients with complete satisfaction. Each and every time. Guaranteed.

-PC & Macintosh Repair
-Desktop Publishing
-Income Tax Preparation
-Private Protection

Saunders Inc. of Huntsville, Alabama has made a commitment to protect your privacy. We do not sell, trade or rent your personal information to others. Never. We will not sell or disclose any information that identifies you to a third party without your prior approval. We may use the information we collect to periodically notify you about services or specials we think you will find beneficial.

To receive service contact Saunders Inc. of Huntsville, Alabama by phone or fax at
256.858.0162 or our email address or by appointment only at 116 Alpha Lane Huntsville, Alabama 35811.

Muslim Business Directory of Alabama:

We do not charge a fee to place advertisments in our directory. However, we accept any financial contribution to help us ... help you showcase and sell your products & services. We offer a hardcopy throughout Alabama and have our online directory coming soon. Click the link below.

Online Payment Acceptance:

Take advantage of Saunders Inc. of Huntsville, Alabama's online payment method through Paypal. To receive service speak with one of our consultants
before making a payment. To access our online payment acceptance click the link below.

Current Affairs:

As of May 28, 2006 Saunders Inc. of Huntsville, Alabama agreed to continue our fundraiser project in Atlanta, GA now called
"A New Masjid" with the permission and blessings of Allah, ta`ala and a local Mosque located at 1127 Hank Aaron Drive named Masjid Al-Mu`minun. During the entire 2005 tax season on Sunday's between 10:00a.m.- 5:00p.m. we provided discount tax preparation for the entire Muslim community and donated back 30%- 50% of our fees to this Masjid for this cause. We want to personally thank all the families who received tax preparation service and know Saunders Inc. of Huntsville, Alabama is available year after year. Insha`Allah we'll begin the preparation process November 1, 2006 and start preparing returns the first week of January 2007. That's right ... the first week! Contact us now to find out how. Masha`Allah we are still assisting this Masjid right now so contact Elisheba or Maimuuna at 641.985.5999 ext. 12363 for more information or click the link below.

Contact Us Online:

Computer Repair Analysis:

Mustafa I. Saunders

Graphics Design Consultant:

Elisheba Saunders

Tax Consultant:

Maimuuna Muhammad

Personal Protection Agent:

Mustafa I. Saunders

Send a Gift Certificate to that someone special redeemable for any of our products or services. Speak with one of our consultants before purchase to get the correct rate.



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