Classic Marvel Superheroes RPG

Shogun Industries - Bio-Blast the Conqueror

Alien/Entity                                                                          Height: 6’ 1”

Real Name: Kk’arl Kk’ronnos                                             Weight: 450 lbs.

Occupation: Scientist/Off-World Relations                     Gender: Male

Legal Status: Not Applicable                                             Age: 12 000+ years

Identity: Secret/Believed to be a human scientist          Skin Colour: Bluish energy

Place of Birth: Andromeda Star Cluster                            Hair Colour: None

Known Relatives: All Deceased (entire race)                  Eye Colour: White

Past Group Affiliations: Soldier of Protanthus                Present Group Affiliation:  Shogun Industries Elite

                                Stage 1                                   Stage 2                                   Stage 3    

Fighting:                Remarkable            30            Unearthly              100          Shift 0                     0

Agility:                   Remarkable            30            Unearthly              100          Unearthly              100

Strength:                Incredible              40            Unearthly              100          Shift 0                     0

Endurance:            Unearthly              100          Unearthly              100          Class 3000             3000

Reason:                  Incredible              40            Feeble                    02            Unearthly              100

Intuition:                Remarkable            30            Feeble                    02            Class 1000             1000

Psyche:                  Unearthly              100          Unearthly              100          Class 1000             1000

Health: 200/400/3100            Resources: Amazing/Unearthly         Karma Pool 1 (___________): ____________

Karma: 170/104/2100            Popularity: +10/-1/-100                        Karma Pool 2 (___________): ____________

Known Powers:

Energy Physiology: Bio-Blast is one of the few beings in this universe that has a body composed of pure energy. Bio-Blast is able to use any form of energy from kinetic force to magic and psionic. He can use the following power stunts with Unearthly (100) ability:

-Generation: Generation of any type of energy, in any form that he can imagine at power rank levels.

-Manipulation: Manipulation of any type of energy, in any form that he can imagine at power rank levels.

-Increase: Doubling or tripling his output for 1 to 10 rounds, once per day. Bio-Blast must make a Yellow Psyche FEAT roll and rest for 1 hour, losing all of his powers (except for Absorption), for 2 to 20 or 3 to 30 rounds respectively. Bio-Blast can also max himself out into one attack at 5 times his power rank, but in doing so slips into a coma for 1 to 10 days.

-Absorption: Bio-Blast is able to absorb all types of energy at +4cs rank. This gives him Amazing (50) rank protection from physical attacks, and Class 1000 rank energy absorption. Bio-Blast has no need to eat, sleep or breath, and is considered to have Class 1000 life support.

-Transportation: Bio-Blast moves by means of levitation on the lines of energy and magnetic force that surround planets. While doing this Bio-Blast appears to be skimming just above the surface of whatever he is travelling across. He is able to do this at a rate of 8 areas per round. Bio-Blast is also able to teleport anywhere on a planetary level with -3cs ability.

-Senses: Bio-Blast is able to see into all spectrums of light and energy with power rank ability. This means that he can detect when people are lying, see through disguises and cannot be surprised as he can read the energy of up to 10-areas around him.

Living Bomb: If Bio-Blast were to absorb 1000 points of energy and pool it into his "heart" or core he would become a living bomb. Bio-Blast only does this as a last resort attack. All of the stored energy is used to reach maximum thrust which gives him Shift Z (500) speed, and when he impacts the target he emits an energy pulse that disintegrates all matter with Shift Z (500) ability and the range of 100-areas.

Evolution: Bio-Blast is able to temporarily evolve by absorbing the energy of living beings. By absorbing energy and pooling it in his "heart" or core, Bio-Blast is able to become a non-corporeal stellar mass with a humanoid form. All of his energy abilities rise to the rank of Class 1000, and he loses most of his physical abilities. Anyone touching him is sucked into a pocket dimension and drained of 1 Endurance rank per round until they escape or reach Shift 0 at which point they will die. If, at this stage, he were to use the "Living Bomb" technique, he would destroy our solar system.

True Form: If Bio-Blast were to be "slain", (somehow reduced to 0 health), his body would disintegrate, and seep out into the atmosphere and into space. 10 days later, he would reassemble himself in the same location he was disintegrated.


Metaphysics +1cs

Quantum Theory +1cs

Martial Arts B and C

Theme Song:

Galaxy Bounce – The Chemical Brothers

Role-Playing Notes:

Bio-Blast is another character that is hard to play. At one end of the spectrum we have Armax who is wild, Bio-Blast is the most controlled character ever. In role-playing circles he would best be described as a true neutral character. In certain circumstances he is capable of losing control and becomes quite passionate. These situations involve Squall/Chapel’s romance and incidents involving mass/multiple murders and anything involving Galactus, (his race was “eaten” by Galactus).