Classic Marvel Superheroes RPG

Shogun Industries, Alpha Team – Chapel,  the Black Widow

Altered Human                                                                     Height: 5’ 6”

Real Name: Dana Harmer                                                    Weight: 115 lbs.

Occupation: Dancer/Mechanic                                          Gender: Female

Legal Status: Canadian citizen/no criminal record          Age: 24 years

Identity: Secret, Classified                                                  Skin Colour: Caucasian (tan)

Place of Birth: Thunder Bay, ON, Canada                        Hair Colour: Blonde

Known Relatives: Sister (Katherine)                                 Eye Colour: Brown

Past Group Affiliations: Dancers/Palamino Club            Present Group Affiliation:  The S.I. Elite

Fighting:                Incredible              40

Agility:                   Unearthly              100

Strength:                Remarkable            30

Endurance:            Amazing                50

Reason:                  Incredible              40

Intuition:                Monstrous            75

Psyche:                  Monstrous            75

Health: 220            Resources: Incredible

Karma: 190             Popularity: +10

Known Powers:

Kinetic Manipulation: Chapel is able to manipulate the kinetic energies and potential kinetic energies of up to 4-areas around her with Amazing (50) ability. She has the following power stunts:

-Blasts of kinetic force energy that do -1cs damage to 1-area, at a range of 4-areas.

-Increasing any one of her physical ability by +1cs rank.

-Increase the damage of her melee attacks by +1cs, +2cs or +3cs for 10-rounds.

-Levitation of matter by causing the potential kinetic energy of the target to invert and trigger, causing the target to “fall upwards”. She can do this with -2cs ability, and must concentrate fully to use this stunt.

-Attacks against her are lessened by power rank +1cs, (i.e. a Monstrous (75) force blast does 0-points of damage).

-All slam results are read as a 1-round stun, and grand slam results are reduced to 1-area.


SI Elite 10mm Auto-Cannons: The Auto-Cannons are the standard issue sidearm for all or the SI Elite and the Security Agents of the SI Corps. The Auto-Cannons are a medium sized, large bore handgun that fires programmable replicating ammunition. The weapon also features a rapid fire function that fires bursts of 10-rounds at a chance to hit of –1cs, or can be fired as an automatic weapon with a –2cs to hit. The auto-cannons are programmed with the following 10mm types:

Standard Rounds                 20 per cycle           Excellent (20) damage                                                          4 areas

Mercy Rounds                     25 per cycle           Good (10) and Remarkable (30) stunning                         4 areas

Armour Piercing                   25 per cycle           Excellent (20) rank and damage                                          4 areas

Explosive AP Rounds         10 per cycle           Remarkable (30) rank and damage                                     3 areas

Vampslayer Rounds            10 per cycle           Remarkable (30) damage +2cs against undead                2 areas

EM Rail-Clusters  2 per       10 cycles                Amazing (50) rank and damage + special                         6 areas

The Spiders Bite Daggers: Chapel carries with her two, specially designed daggers, which were made for her by Sauren Teku. These daggers are made of Class 1000 Adamantium, and do Incredible (40) damage in her hands. Victims failing an Endurance FEAT roll after being struck lose all but 2-Endurance ranks, gaining back 1 rank every 2 rounds. The daggers are also booby-trapped. The daggers, if held by someone who does not know, will release a toxic gas that affect all in the area with a Unearthly (100) stunning cloud.


Weapon Master “The Spiders Bite” +2cs

Quick-Striking +1cs

Guns +1cs

Motorcycle Mechanics


Theme Song:

Get Busy Child – The Chemical Brothers

Role Playing Notes:

Chapel is a woman in the prime of her life, being only 24 years old. Chapel is still innocent, having little experience with the monsters of this world, but has much training in martial arts and a few lessons from Sauren Teku. Chapel’s demeanor is that of a bright-eyed college student just discovering the world for the first time. She has had times of darkness, but is very much the bubbly young woman She is not physically imposing, but when she does fight, she is vicious and fights like a mother trying to protect its child.