Classic Marvel Superheroes RPG

Shogun Industries, Alpha Team – Crypt,  the White Wolf

Altered Human                                                                     Height: 6’ 6”

Real Name: Scott Wolfe                                                      Weight: 275 lbs.

Occupation: DJ/CEO (Crypt Sound Inc.)/Bouncer         Gender: Male

Legal Status: Canadian citizen/no criminal record          Age: 29 years

Identity: Secret, Classified                                                  Skin Colour: Caucasian

Place of Birth: Thunder Bay, ON, Canada                        Hair Colour: Blonde

Known Relatives: Sister (Shelly)                                       Eye Colour: Brown

Past Group Affiliations: The Hells Angels                      Present Group Affiliation:  The S.I. Elite

Fighting:                Excellent                20

Agility:                   Excellent                20

Strength:                Incredible              40

Endurance:            Amazing                50

Reason:                  Excellent                20

Intuition:                Remarkable            30

Psyche:                  Incredible              40

Health: 220            Resources: Incredible

Karma: 190             Popularity: +10

Known Powers:

Armour Skin: Crypt’s skin is several times denser than that of normal humans, and also has been augmented with a microscopic weave of Amazing (50) strength organic Steel. This provides him with Amazing (50) protection from physical attacks and Incredible (40) protection from energy attacks, as well as Monstrous (75) resistance to disease/toxin and radiation based attacks.

Self-Sustenance: Crypt can go for extended periods without food, water or air, and is considered to have Incredible (40) life support.

Energy Generation: Crypt is able to generate a form of low level plasma of Incredible (40) intensity. He has shown the following power stunts:

-Blasts: Crypt is able to generate blasts or bolts of power rank energy that have a range 10-areas. Crypt also can mentally control the direction of the blast by making a yellow Psyche feat

-Beams: Crypt is able to generate streams of power rank energy that has a range of 1-area wide by 10-areas long. Crypt also can mentally control the direction of the stream by making a green Psyche feat.

-Claws: Crypt is able to create a set of energy claws and blades that from his hands and forearms that Crypt can use to do Amazing (50) rank edged damage. The blades are an extension of his will, and if separated or he loses consciousness, they disappear.

Danger Sense: Crypt is able to sense danger or negative actions towards him or those close to him with up to Unearthly (100) rank, or as much as 10-seconds before the attack. This power can replace Intuition, Fighting for blocking, Agility for dodging, and/or Strength for escaping. This power can act as a 6th sense at times.


Vampslayer Shotgun: Crypt carries a specially designed 12-gauge shotgun that features a 4-barrel design. The weapon is able to fire one or a combination of up to four barrels, at one time. Firing three or four barrels is at –1cs to hit and requires a Strength feat roll or the weapon is lost due to the powerful kick. The weapon also features an automatic function that fires bursts of 10 shells, but at a chance to hit of –2cs. The weapon uses the following types of ammunition:

Standard Rounds                 20 per cycle           Good (10) damage                                                                4 areas

Mercy Rounds                     25 per cycle           Typical (06) and Remarkable (30) stunning                     4 areas

Armour Piercing                   25 per cycle           Excellent (20) rank and damage                                          4 areas

Explosive AP rounds           10 per cycle           Remarkable (30) rank and damage                                     3 areas

Vampslayer rounds              10 per cycle           Remarkable (30) damage +2cs against undead                2 areas

EM Rail-Clusters                  2 per 10 cycles      Amazing (50) rank and damage + special                         6 areas

The "Rattlehead" Mace: Crypt is able to summon a snake shaped magic mace, that has a material strength of Class 3000 rank, that he is able to do Monstrous (75) blunt melee damage with. The mace is also able to do the following:

-If Crypt were to throw the mace, it would reappear in his hand before the start of the next round.

-When swung the mace emits a rattling sound that causes those hearing it to roll a Psyche FEAT against the Incredible (40) rank effect of the rattle. Those failing the roll will become concerned and distracted.

Weapon Specialist +1cs with "Vampslayer"

Weapon Specialist +1cs with "Diamond Head"

Quick-Striking +1cs

Martial Arts B, E and F +1cs

Theme Song:

You Spin Me Right Round - Dope

Role-playing Notes:

Crypt is the best friend of Priest, and was more than willing to join his friend on the adventure of a lifetime. Crypt is almost too much like Priest, having similar taste in humour and are constantly joking around and firing off dry wit at each other and those around them, (along with Mercy rounds). Crypt though has a less aggressive and has a wiser outlook, often pointing out to Priest the danger of their actions. He then, of course, joins him regardless of the outcome.