Classic Marvel Superheroes RPG

Shogun Industries, Beta Team - Deva the Devastator

Altered human/Robot                                                                         Height: 5 ’ 5 ”

Real Name: Deva Andreas                                                                  Weight: 98 lbs.

Occupation: Welder/Mechanic/Adventurer                                   Gender: Female

Legal Status: Canadian Citizen without criminal record                 Age: 27 years

Identity: Public (famous for family racing legacy)                          Skin Colour: Tan

Place of Birth: Thunder ay< ON, Canada                                         Hair Colour: Red

Known Relatives: Gary (father), Garret (brother)                            Eye Colour: Green

Past Group Affiliations: Andreas Racing                                         Present Group Affiliation:  S.I. Beta Team

                                Deva                                       Devastator

Fighting:                Incredible              40            Monstrous            75

Agility:                   Remarkable            30            Amazing                50

Strength:                Amazing                50            Shift Y                    200

Endurance:            Remarkable            30            Unearthly              100

Reason:                  Good                      10            Incredible              40

Intuition:                Good                      10            Shift Y                    200

Psyche:                  Remarkable            30            Unearthly              100

Health: 150            Resources: Remarkable (30)               Karma Pool 1 (___________): ____________

Karma: 50               Popularity: 20/+50                                Karma Pool 2 (___________): ____________

Known Powers:

Hyper-Invention: Deva can unconsciously understand and then create sophisticated devices, giving her the equivalent of Monstrous (75) kit-bashing in cybernetic, electronic, holographic, and optical applications as well as Unearthly (100) in mechanical applications. Deva can create any device she needs by assembling whatever materials are either on hand or can be made from existing substances

-Hyper-Linguistics: Deva is able to read and speak any language she can see or hear with Excellent (20) ability.

-Omni-Directional Sensor: Deva has developed an omni-directional sensor that operates as an advanced form of radar. Deva has a range of up to 3-areas away regardless of light conditions. Rapid movements and chaotic conditions reduce the Incredible (40) rank of this power and reduce her Intuition by -2cs. Deva also cannot be blindsided.

-Body Resistance: The nature of Deva's body provides her with Amazing (50) resistance to physical and energy attacks.

Energy Sheath: Deva’s shoulder blades emit a coherent energy field that resembles a fiery set of crystalline wings. These "wings" have

Unearthly (100) intensity and Class 1000 material strength, and act as a reservoir for her energy powers, which include:

-Regeneration: Deva’s wings are constantly absorbing energy from the areas around her and this constant supply enables her to recover lost health at a rate of 5-points per round and lost Endurance ranks at a rate of 1-rank per day.

-Serial Immortality: As long as at least a fragment of her wings remains and is ale to absorb some kind of energy, Deva’s stored D.N.A. pattern can be recreated along with all of her possessions. To permanently kill Deva would require the complete disintegration of her wings at a molecular leel the killing her normally.

-Absorption: The wings on Deva’s back allow her to absorb the ambient and active energy around her at Shift Y (200) rank. This gives her power rank energy absorption. Deva has no need to eat or breathe although she may choose to, and has Unearthly (100) rank life support.

Enhanced Vision: Deva’s eyes have been modified in the following ways:

-Perception: Deva may perceive any object's momentum as if it were –14cs slower than it's actual movement speed.

-Telescopic/Microscopic Vision: Deva may perceive objects up to 4-areas away as if they were only 40’ and she is able to see into the microscopic layer as if having 100x magnification, all of which she may do with Incredible (40) ability.

True Flight: Deva is able to fly by means of the crystalline wings on her back and can reach Monstrous (75) speed in atmospheres and Class

1000 speeds in space. In flight Deva has Unearthly (100) rank life support.

Alter Ego – Devastator: Deva is able to at times of need (as in when she is hopelessly out-matched and in need of more power) she is able to transform into Devastator, a massive, 100’ tall green and grey robot. Deastator is able to use the following powers:

-Adamantium Body: Devastator is is constructed of pure Adamantium, a material that provides it with Class 1000 resistance to physical and energy attacks. Its joints are less resistant, and have only Shift X (150) protection against attacks directed against them, and Devastator is invulnerable to cold, corrosives, disease/toxin, fire/heat, mental and radiation based attacks, although it may still be stunned or slammed.













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