Classic Marvel Superheroes RPG

Shogun Industries, Alpha Team - The Ghost Rider

Altered Human                                                                     Height: 5 ’ 2 ”/ 6 ’ 2 “

Real Name: John “Johnny” Blaze                                      Weight: 170 lbs./250 lbs.

Occupation: S.I. Elite Team Leader/Adventurer             Gender: Male

Legal Status: U.S. Citizen with no criminal record          Age: 22 years/1000+ years

Identity: Public/Citizen of the Lower Planes                    Skin Colour: Caucasian/Skeletal

Place of Birth: Salem, North Carolina/Tarterus                Hair Colour: Red-Blond/Flaming Skull

Known Relatives: Unknown                                              Eye Colour: Blue/None

Past Affiliations: The Defenders                                       Present Affiliation:  Spyder Inc./Dead Man Inc.

                                Blaze                                       Ghost Rider                           Demonic Form

Fighting:                Remarkable            30            Amazing                50            Unearthly              100

Agility:                  Incredible              40            Remarkable            30            Amazing                50

Strength:                Remarkable            30            Monstrous            75            Shift Y                    200         

Endurance:            Remarkable            50            Amazing                50            Shift Y                    200         

Reason:                  Excellent                20            Good                      10            Remarkable            30           

Intuition:                Incredible              40            Amazing                50            Monstrous            75           

Psyche:                  Amazing                50            Unearthly              100          Shift Y                    200         

Health:                                                   150                                          205                                          550         

Karma:                                                    110                                          160                                          305

Resources:            Typical (06)

Popularity:             +4 / -2 / -100

Known Powers:

Body Armour: Due to his extended exposure to magical energies and cybernetics, Johnny has Incredible (40) protection against physical attacks, Amazing (50) protection from energy attacks and Unearthly (100) resistance to disease/toxin, fire/heat, radiation, and spiritual attacks. Due to not having a physical body, (organs, skin, etc.), Ghost Rider has Amazing (50) protection from physical damage, Monstrous (75) protection from energy attacks and Class 1000 to disease/toxin, fire/heat, radiation, and spiritual attacks.

Penance Stare: A successful grapple for 1-round enables Ghost Rider to use the Penance Stare. Ghost Rider can force criminals to experience a level of emotional pain equivalent to that which they have caused in others as a result of their illegal or immoral actions. A Psyche feat vs. Monsstrous (75) intensity on the victim’s part is allowed. If they pass they are cleansed of evil and are a changed person, however, if they fail they loose a rank of Psyche permanently and pass out for 1-100 rounds. If dropped to below Feeble (02) rank, they go insane. This ability works only on evil and those who hurt others; unless they already torture themselves or do not have a soul. The Penance Stare shows them the pain they inflict on others.

Hellfire Channelling. Johnny/Ghost Rider may feed the Hellfire that they have been imbued with to add Remarkable (30) magical fire damage to any firearm attack; create an Incredible (40) edged damage blade, or generate an Amazing (50) blast of Hellfire up to a 5-area range.

Hellfire Teleportation: Ghost Rider is able to teleport with Amazing (50) ability enabling him to teleport through the Hellfire dimension up to Shift Z (500) range or 400-areas in a single round. Ghost Rider also is able to teleport and attack as many times as he can make attacks.

Transformation: Transforming into Ghost rider or back into Johnny can be done at will, but the change into Ghost Rider is automatic if Johnny sees innocent blood being spilled. Transformation back into his normal body for at least 5-rounds will heal Ghost Rider of all damage.

Transformation – Zarathos: In his true form, Ghost Rider is a demon named Zarathos. Zarathos is the third set of abilities and gets a +2cs to all of his powers, as well as granting him Hellfire Manipulation (Generation, Create Constructs, Absorption, Psychic Drain {Amazing 50}) and boosting his Hellfire powers to ShiftY (200) rank.


Mystic Chain: Ghost Rider wields a length of heavy chain that has magical properties, Class 1000 material strength and the following:

-Ghost Rider can use the chain to grapple with Unearthly (100) ability.

-Ghost Rider can use the chain to inflict up to Amazing (50) damage, blunt or edged.

-Ghost Rider can cause the chain to elongate up to 1-area.

-Ghost Rider can use the chain to release individual links that turn into shurikens, each causing Good (10) damage. Ghost Rider may attack everybody in an area with 1-5 shurikens doing Good (10) damage with each.

- Ghost Rider can use the chain to form a shield of Remarkable (30) by spinning the chain in front of him.

- Ghost Rider has an unlimited amount of chain as long as he is holding one of its ends.

12-Gauge “Snapdragon” Automatic Shotgun: Johnny/Ghost Rider carries a specially designed 12-gauge shotgun that features a 4-barrel design. The weapon is able to fire one, two or all four barrels, at one time. Firing all four barrels is at –2cs to hit and requires a Strength feat roll or the weapon is lost due to the powerful kick. The weapon also ha a replicating programmable drum clip and an automatic function that fires a burst of 12 shells, at -2cs to hit. The Snapdragon fires special types of ammunition, listed below (note – the damage has had the bonus from Hellfire Channelling added also):

Type                                       Recycle Rate        Damage with Hellfire                         Range

Standard Shells                    15 per cycle           Amazing (50)                                         4-areas

Standard Slugs                     15 per cycle           Amazing (50)                                         3-areas

Mercy Rounds                     25 per cycle           Incredible/Monstrous (40/70)            4 areas

Armour Piercing                   10 per cycle           Amazing/Unearthly (50/100)              4 areas

Explosive AP rounds           10 per cycle           Monstrous (75)                                    3 areas

-Core Shells                           2-per cycle             Unearthly (100)                                     40-areas

Replicating Throwing Blades: Johnny/Ghost Rider wears a pair of bracelets on both wrists that allow him to throw up to 5-energized blades per round. Each blade is actually a solidified bolt of Monstrous (75) intensity Hellfire that first, strikes for Excellent (25) edged damage, then for Amazing (50) explosive Hellfire energy damage (all in the same hit/round).




Theme Music:

Ride the Lightning - Metallica

Role-Playing Notes: