Classic Marvel Superheroes RPG

Shogun Industries, Alpha Team - Jasmine

Altered Human                                                                                     Height: 5’7”

Real Name: Classified                                                                          Weight: 115 lbs.

Occupation: Bartender/Theoretical Weapons Tech.                     Gender: Female

Legal Status: Canadian Citizen with no criminal record Age: 26

Identity: Public                                                                                     Skin Colour: Caucasian

Place of Birth: Trepassey, NF, Canada                                             Hair Colour: Red

Known Relatives: Classified                                                              Eye Colour: Green               

Past Group Affiliation:  None                                                             Present Group Affiliation:  The S.I. Elite

Fighting:                Incredible              40           

Agility:                   Monstrous            75

Strength:                Amazing                50

Endurance:            Unearthly              100

Reason:                  Incredible              40

Intuition:                Incredible              40

Psyche:                  Remarkable            30

Health: 265            Resources: Remarkable (30)                               Karma Pool 1: (___________) _________

Karma: 110             Popularity: 0/+10 w Military/+20 w S.I              Karma Pool 2: (___________) _________

 Known Powers:

Template Nullification: Jasmine is able to read and de-activate the superhuman abilities of other beings with Shift Z (500) ability. She is limited to those within 1-area of her. This ability functions in 1-of-2 ways, first is that she can re-activate any power that she has seen used in the same combat area, and second is that it takes 1-full round to read the power and another to re-activate it. Jasmine, after having de-activated a power, is able to de-activate the same power in multiple beings within the same area with –1cs ability.

Armour Skin: Jasmine’s skin is several times denser than that of normal humans, and also has been augmented with a microscopic weave of Amazing (50) strength organic Steel. This provides her with Amazing (50) protection from physical attacks and Incredible (40) protection from energy attacks.

Teleportation (Line-of-Sight): Jasmine is able to teleport herself and up to two other people to anywhere she has been or can see with Remarkable (30) rank.

Magic Spells: Jasmine is able to use the following magic spells with Incredible (40) ability. Her spells are:

-Air Control: Jasmine is able to control the element of fire with –1cs ability.

-Alteration - Appearance: A minor illusion of 4cs rank that Jasmine uses to alter her appearance.

-Fire Control: Jasmine is able to control the element of air with +1cs ability.

-Healing Spells: Jasmine is able to heal the wounds and afflictions of others. With this ability she is capable of the following powers and abilities:

*Minor Healing: Minor wounds totalling up to Remarkable (30) rank, no more than 10-times per day.

*Major Healing: Major wounds totalling up to Amazing (50) rank, no more than 6-times per day.

*Greater Healing: Greater wounds totalling up to Unearthly (100) rank, no more than 2-times per day.

*Raise Dead: Jasmine is able to return slain beings to live, within 48-hours of their death with +1cs ability, but must rest for 10-turns.

-Mind Control: Jasmine is able to control the minds and actions of other people with –1cs ability.

-Telepathy: Jasmine has power rank able to communicate mentally with the minds of other sentient beings.

-Wraith-form: Jasmine is able to, after concentrating and casting for a round, cause her body to become intangible reaching Shift 0 (00) density. In this form she becomes apparition-like, causing others to fear her with Excellent (20) ability. Jasmine and all she is touching at the culmination of the spell can only be touched by other ethereal or phased beings.

Ultimate Skill – Martial Arts B: Jasmine is rumoured to be one of the best martial artists in the world and as such has Unearthly (100) rank as he base fighting score


The Sunblade: Jasmine carries this massive two-handed sword in a special pocket-dimensional sheath. The Sunblade is a magic sword of unique properties. The blade is made of a translucent golden material that glows with its own aura. The material of the sword is of Class 1000 strength and in Jasmine’s hands does Remarkable/Monstrous (50/75) points of edged damage and Excellent/Incredible (20/40) points of heat and energy damage, (for a total of 70/155 points of damage). Jasmine can swing the sword overhead generating a 2-area globe of high-noon brightness sunlight, and once per day can generate a sunray of Amazing (50) intensity solar energy (damage is +3cs to undead or creatures susceptible to sunlight).

Replicating Throwing Blades: Jasmine wears a series of bracelets on both wrists that allow her to throw up to 4-energized blades per round. Each blade is actually a solidified bolt of Amazing (50) intensity energy that first, strikes for Good (10) energy damage, then for Incredible (40) explosive force damage (all in the same hit/round). The supply of energy for the bracelets is a series of quantum batteries on each bracelet.

Snake-Eye 45 Calibre Revolvers: Jasmine carries these fully automatic 45 calibre revolvers. The Snake-eye’s feature a 20 round drum cylinder, armed with programmed replicating ammunition. Once emptied it takes the drum one full round to replicate new cycle ammunition. The weapon also features a rapid fire function that fires bursts of 10 rounds, but at a chance to hit of –1cs, or can be fired as an automatic weapon with a chance to hit of –2cs, (damage is also +1cs).

Ammunition Type                                # rounds/cycle     Damage

Mercy Rounds                                     20 per cycle           Feeble 02 + Unearthly 100 strength paralytic

Standard Full Metal Jackets               20 per 1 Cycles     Excellent 20 to Amazing 50 (Different rate of fire)

Armour Piercing Rounds                    20 per 1 Cycles     Remarkable 30 pierces up to Monstrous 75 rank

Vampslayer Rounds                            10 per 2 cycles      Remarkable +2cs vs. Undead (Hollow/Silver/Phosph

Gauss-clusters                                      10 per 100 cycles  Amazing 50 to Shift Y 200

Portable Hole: Jasmine carries a device that allows her to open up a 4’ diameter hole into a small (6’ x 10’) pocket dimension. Jasmine uses this dimension as a portable cargo bay and has the following inside:

-2, spare - Replicating Throwing Blade bracelets

-2, spare - Snake-Eye 45 Calibre Revolvers with 2 spare clips for each

-The "Spiders Bite"Daggers: Formerly belonging to Priest, Jasmine now carries with her two, specially designed daggers. These daggers are made of Class 1000 Adamantium, and victims failing an Endurance FEAT roll after being struck lose all but 2-Endurance ranks, gaining back 1-rank every 10-rounds, because of the poisonous nature of the blades energy. The daggers are also booby-trapped. The daggers, if held by -someone who does not know, will release a toxic gas that affect all in the area with an Unearthly (100) stunning cloud.

The GAU-112Gauss Rifle: This advanced type of rail-gun fires an Unearthly (100) material strength projectile that travels at Shift Y (200) speed and strikes at full speed doing between Amazing (50) and Shift Y (200) damage. The Gauss Rifle can fire single shots or bursts of ten that do +1cs damage at a –1cs to hit.

-Theoretical Technicians tool-kit, Laptop computer and satellite communications array

-First Aid and Medic kits

-4 Weeks of S.I. rations (good quality – 3 star restaurant)

-3 vials of Bacta liquid

-2 vial of Ultima-Bacta liquid

Military Issue Tranquilizer Gun: Liberated from a Military testing installation, this gun fires pellets of Monstrous (75) strength tranquilizer compound. Jasmine currently has 4, 20-round clips.


Martial Arts B                                                       Theoretical Weapons Technician +2cs

Engineering/Robotics/Computers                     Guns/Marksmanship +1cs to hit

Psychiatry +1cs                                                   

Theme Song:


Role-Playing Notes: Jasmine is the tough chic who’s all attitude, but deep down is still the girly-girl in her heart. A tough exterior but she still retains her feminine side.


F: In        A: Ex       S: Mn     E: Mn     R: Ex       I: Rm       P: In        Health: 210            Karma: 90

Known Powers:

Human/Shark Hybrid Physiology: Dorsal is a mutant who gained his powers by injecting live irradiated shark DNA (2 parts Great White, 1 part Tiger and 1 part Hammerhead) into his genetic structure. Dorsal underwent an unexpected transformation turning him into a 10’ tall, 500 lbs. humanoid shark with a thinner tail, enhanced limbs and a great mouth with double the number of rows of teeth. Dorsal has the following abilities and powers:

-Body Armour: Dorsal’s thick hid provides him with Unearthly (100) protection from physical and Monstrous (75) protection from energy based attacks.

-Adaptive Cardio-Pulmonary System: Dorsal’s blood circulation and lungs are able to adapt to the environment around him, giving him the ability to adapt to his environment, allowing him to breath in virtually any environment. Dorsal also has Incredible (40) resistance to diseases/toxins, Monstrous (75) resistance to radiation and Unearthly (100) resistance to cold and corrosives.

-Hyper-Swimming: Dorsal is able to swim at speeds of Unearthly (100) rank, allowing him to travel through water at speeds of 10-areas per round.

-Breath Weapons: Dorsal is able to generate two different types pf breath weapons. First, Dorsal is able to generate a 4-area long x 1-area wide cone of super-heated steam of Amazing (500 intensity. Second, Dorsal is able to generate a 4-area long x 1-area wide cone of corrosive breath that melts matter with Monstrous (75) ability, in the first round and –1cs per round for 4-more rounds.

Cybernetic Enhancements: Dorsal wears a suit of exo-skeletal armour that covers his arms, legs lower torso and back. This suit allows Dorsal the use of all of his limbs and allows him to carry a large amount of technology and armament. This armour and exo-skeleton have been grafted to his nervous system and gives him the following abilities and powers:

-Adrenal Surge: Once per day, Dorsal is able to increase his Strength and Endurance to Unearthly (100) rank for a maximum of 1-turn (1-hour or 10-rounds). After the time has expired, Dorsal must make an Endurance feat at –2cs or be stunned for 1-10 rounds.

-Gatling Missile Strips: The plates of Dorsal’s armour contain 100, Quantum Energy Emitters that are capable of firing small bolts of Remarkable (30) intensity. Dorsal is able to fire bursts of 10, at a -1cs to hit, or perform and “Alpha Strike”, at a –2cs to hit, also emptying his ammunition for 10-rounds.

The Tsunami Type 17 Assault Cannons: Dorsal’s armour contains these two, mounted Tsunami Type-17 Assault Cannons.  The Tsunami Type-17 Assault Cannon is an energy/particle beam weapon that fires a series of 10³ nm of anti-matter particulate in a beam of Electro-Magnetic Energy that does Shift Y (200) damage to all in a 10-area long by 10’ beam. The Tsunami also contain a micro-missile pod that fires up to 100 (25x4) miniature concussion missiles that do Amazing (50) damage to all in 2-areas, and have a range of 10-areas


Martial Arts B                                       Law/Criminal +1cs

Under Water Combat +2cs                 Performance Enhancement/Science +1cs

Guns/Marksmanship +1cs                  Military +1cs