Classic Marvel Superheroes RPG

Shogun Industries, Beta Team - Kia

Alien                                                                                      Height: 5’ 3”

Real Name: Tamara                                                              Weight: 120 lbs.

Occupation: Elite Team Member/Ninja                             Gender: Female

Legal Status: Landed Immigrant, no criminal record      Age: 19 years

Identity: Public                                                                     Skin Colour: Blue

Place of Birth: Titan, moon of Jupiter                               Hair Colour: Changes as per mood

Known Relatives: Classified                                              Eye Colour: Green

Past Group Affiliations: Classified                                    Present Group Affiliation:  The S.I. Elite

Fighting:                Amazing                50

Agility:                   Amazing                50

Strength:                Monstrous            75

Endurance:            Amazing                50

Reason:                  Remarkable            0

Intuition:                Typical                   06

Psyche:                  Remarkable            30

Health: 225            Resources:            Amazing (50)         Karma Pool 1: (_________) - _______________

Karma: 66               Popularity:             ­­+20/+40                  Karma Pool 2: (_________) - _______________

Known Powers:

Body Armour: Kia’s flesh is several times denser than human’s, which gives her Amazing (50) protection form physical attacks and Remarkable (30) protection from energy attacks. Kia is immune to most Earth-based diseases and toxins, having Incredible (40) resistance to both.

Slashing Missile: Kia is able to generate objects of some unknown material that may be thrown for Remarkable (30) edged damage, and may be thrown for up to 6-areas. Kia is also able to generate a stream of these missiles 1-area wide by 6-areas long, which does +1cs damage, but Kia is –1cs to hit.

Magnetic Manipulation: Kia is able to manipulate the magnetic fields around her with Remarkable (30) ability. Kia has developed the following power stunts:

-Flight: Kia is able to levitate by riding the magnetic fields she is manipulating with –3cs ability. Kia is able to travel up to 6-areas per round in this manner.

-Non-Ferrous Manipulation: Kia is able to affect non-ferrous metals by manipulating the magnetic fields around her at power rank. Kia can stop and redirect incoming missiles with -1cs ability and -1cs to hit.

-Magnetic Field Detection: Kia is able to read the magnetic field of the planet around her with -1cs ability, allowing her to detect things like aberrations in the magnetic field of the planet. Kia also cannot get lost once she has a feel for a planet’s magnetic field.

Rotting Touch: Kia is able to touch organic matter and cause it to rot with Amazing (50) ability, doing power rank damage. This ability of Kia’s works on organic materials as well (wood, rope, cloth, etc) as living beings. If used on organic body armour, it will be weakened by Kia’s power rank amount.

Shape Shifting: Kia is able to alter her molecular structure allowing her to resemble other objects or beings to the point of being that object to all appearances with Amazing (50) ability. Kia is only able to gain obvious physical powers (claws, breath weapons, wings, etc.) and cannot gain true superhuman powers.


Calico Model .951 Machine Pistol: On occasion, Lilith carries a machine pistol that fires special silver, hollow point AP rounds that contain an explosive phosphorus silver nitrate. This weapon does Incredible (40) shooting damage and receives a +3cs bonus against undead. The Calico Model .951 Machine Pistol also has a miniature Belt Grenade launcher. Each round has the following abilities:

Grenades                               Amazing (50) Explosive damage-1 area                            10 rounds per payload

Smoke Canisters                   Incredible (40) -2 areas, vision is reduced to 1 area        10 rounds per payload

Flare Rockets                        Excellent (20) (may be used as a weapon)                        10 rounds per payload


Thrown Weapons +1cs (Agility)

Martial Arts B +1cs (Fighting)

Street Fighting +1cs (Fighting)

Performer – Erotic Dancer

Crime/Criminology +1cs




Theme Song:

Just Like You – 3 Days grace

Role Playing Notes: