The Shogun Assassins – Lilith, Daughter of Dracula

Altered Human/Entity – Mistress of Darkness               Height: __’__”

Real Name: Unknown                                                          Weight: ____ lbs.

Occupation: Not Applicable                                              Gender: Female

Legal Status: No Longer Applicable                                 Age: 6000+ years

Identity: Not Applicable/Generally Disbelieved             Skin Colour: Pale Caucasian

Avatar Modes: __________                                             Hair Colour: Black

Known Relatives: Father (Dracula)                                   Eye Colour: Red

Past Group Affiliations: Shogun Industries                    Present Group Affiliation:  Shogun Assassins

Fighting:                Amazing                                50

Agility:                   Class 1000                             1000

Strength:                Unearthly                              100

Endurance:            Shift Y                                    200

Reason:                  Amazing                                50

Intuition:                Monstrous                            75

Psyche:                  Class 1000/Unearthly          1000/100

Health:   1350        Resources:            Class 1000

Karma:    1125        Popularity:             ­­0/-10

Known Powers:

Vampirism: Lilith is the only known living vampire, (as in she is not undead) and has the following vampire-like abilities:

-Resistances: Her vampiric metabolism gives her Class 3000 resistance to most diseases and toxins. Lilith also does not age in the same manner as humans, doing so at a much slower rate.

-Regeneration: Lilith is able to recover Unearthly (100) amounts of health each round, or Class 1000 if she rests for 8-rounds. Physical damage, (i.e. bullet wounds, cuts, etc.), heal before the start of the next round.

-Natural Weapons: Lilith has a wicked set of claws and fangs that she is able to do Unearthly (100) edged damage with. The Shogun Assassins have also modified her skeleton, infusing them with an organic metal of Class 5000 material strength, making her bones nearly unbreakable, and granting her a +1cs damage to anyone she can successfully damage in combat.

-Lightning Speed: Lilith is able to cross up to 100-areas in the blink of an eye, requiring an Intuition FEAT roll against the Class 1000 rank of this ability, otherwise the target is stunned for that round and is –1cs on any defensive function against that attack.

-Vampire Gaze: Lilith, like most vampires, is able to enthral those that look her in the eye. This is a form of telepathic hypnotism that she can use with Unearthly (100) rank to read the minds of others and control their minds. This ability can be maintained for 10-100 rounds, and may be fought by making a Psyche FEAT roll, which can be done whenever an order is given.

-Animal Transformation: Lilith is able to transform into a variety of different creatures. Lilith is able to transform into a large bat, a wolf of huge size and a group of 100 rats at Class 1000 rank, with all of her abilities (save for her mental and magic powers).

-Animal Communication: Lilith is able to communicate with any animal that she can make eye contact with, including most lycanthropes, mammals, reptiles and certain varieties of insect and arachnids with Class 1000 ability.

-Body Transformation – Mist: Lilith is able to transform into a 1-area cloud of Shift 0 density mist that allows her to pass through cracks and holes in materials with Class 1000 ability (she is only able to use her flight power in this state).

Telekinesis: Lilith is able to affect matter using her mind, and has Class 1000 ability with the following power stunts:

-Force Fields: Lilith is able to generate a power rank, 1-area radius force field.

-Kinetic Bolt: Lilith can generate a bolt of mental force of power rank intensity, 4-area range.

-Flight: Lilith is able to fly/levitate/hover with –3cs ability.
Telepathy: Lilith has the Class 1000 ability to enter/control the minds of other beings and is able to use the following power stunts:

-Mind Probe: Lilith can enter another’s mind and search through their memories/thoughts with –2cs ability.

-Project Thoughts: Lilith can project her thoughts as thoughts or illusions with –1cs ability.

-Mental Command: Lilith can enter another’s mind and command them with power rank ability.

-Mental Bolts: Lilith is able to form bolts of mental energy that inflict –1cs intensity.

-Psionic Detection: Lilith is able to use her telepathic abilities as a sensor of –1cs ability.

-Mental Invisibility: Lilith is able to force others to mentally ignore her with power rank ability.
-Postcognition: Lilith is able to see into the past with –1cs accuracy.

-Precognition: Lilith is able to see into the future with –3cs accuracy.
-Emotion Control-Lust: Lilith is able to force members of the opposite sex (and some of her own) to be overcome with lust for her, although, the initial attraction must already be there. Lilith is unable to control this ability, as it functions instinctively with Amazing (50) ability.

-Ability Boost: Lilith is potentially the most powerful mind on Earth. Lilith is a true master vampire, and has of yet to redevelop her mental abilities, and can boost her abilities to Class 3000 levels but this does her Shift Y (200) damage, costs her 1000 Karma, and requires a Psyche FEAT every round that she uses those levels, or she falls unconscious for 10-100 hours. When Lilith uses her powers at boosted levels she gets nosebleeds and bleeds from the ears as well.

Magic Spells: Lilith is a master-level vampire with the ability to cast a wide variety of spells with Class 1000 ability. Lilith has developed the following powers, spells and spell like abilities:

-Alteration - Appearance: A minor illusion of 4cs rank that Lilith uses to alter her appearance and those of her companions.

-Aura Reading: Lilith is able to detect and/or read the Fighting, Strength, Endurance and Psyche of other living beings. There is no rank with this power; however, Lilith can become overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of some power levels. Anything over Class 1000 rank requires Lilith to make a Psyche FEAT roll or be mentally stunned for 1-10 rounds.

-Blade Barrier: Lilith is able to summon a 1-area field of spinning, razor sharp blades of power rank magical energy.

-Chain Lightning: Lilith is able to generate a stroke of Chain Lightning of power rank intensity. Lilith must successfully hit her target. The first target will be hit by power rank damage. Next, Lilith must make a control feat to hit the next target. If successful, the second target will take power rank –1cs damage. This will continue until the power rank reaches Shift 0. If the Lilith fails to make a control feat, the lightning strikes a random target. The target could be anyone within 1-area or even a building or the ground. The attack may even strike Lilith. A target may be struck multiple times by an arc but not twice in a row. It may strike one target, then a different one, and then back to the original. The range for an arc is 1-area. Lilith must be careful because if she fails a control feat this could strike a teammate, or an innocent bystander.

-Channeling: Lilith is capable of channeling other forms of magic or mystic energies with -2cs ability.

-Chi Blast: Lilith is able to channel her personal energy in to a wide-angle energy beam that she is able to do power rank energy damage, with an area-of-effect 1-area wide and 10-areas long. Lilith is however affected by this attack and receives the following penalties. Lilith is –2cs on all Agility and Endurance Feats, and has no spells for the next 2-rounds.

-Dispel Magic: Lilith is able to dispel magic within a 2-area range at power rank, can deflect magic energies with –1cs rank and sever mystic bonds with –2cs rank.

-Fire/Frostballs: Lilith can generate a Fire/Frostball of –1cs intensity, 1-area of effect, line-of-sight range

-Flame/Frost Strike: Lilith can summon 1-area Flame/Frost Strikes with power rank intensity. She can also cast a 1-area wide, 4-area long Cone of Flame/Frost that does power rank damage to the effected area and –2cs to the area immediately surrounding the cone.

-Fire/Frost Storm: Lilith is able to summon an 8-area Firestorm that inflicts power rank damage on all in its range. Lilith can also cast the reverse of this spell, summoning an 8-area Frost-Storm.

-Gate: Lilith is able to summon beings, monsters and even material through an inter-planar gate with –1cs ability.

-Healing Spells: Lilithis able to heal the wounds and afflictions of others. With this ability she is capable of the following powers and abilities:

*Minor Healing: Minor wounds totalling no more than Remarkable (30) rank are healed instantly, and no more than 10 times per day.

*Major Healing: Major wounds totalling no more than Amazing (50) rank are healed instantly, and no more than 6 times per day.

*Greater Healing: Greater wounds totalling no more than Unearthly (100) rank are healed instantly, and no more than 2 times per day.

*Raise Dead: Lilith is able to return slain beings to live, within 48-hours of their death with +1cs ability, but must rest for 10-turns.

*Resurrection: Lilith may resurrect a being from the dead, healing all wounds and returning them to health, with +2cs ability, but at a cost. All of Lilith’s abilities are at –3cs for 10-days and she is drained of her spells for that time.

-Lightning Strike: Lilith is able to call down a column of lightning, that strikes 1-area with power rank intensity, and does –2cs to the surrounding areas.

-Magic Missile: Lilith can generate Magic Missiles of power rank intensity, and is able to attack up to 5 targets in the same round with a –1cs penalty, within line-of-sight range.

-Mists of Morpheus: Lilith is able to summon a 1-area mist that induces sleep in others at –1cs power rank. Effects of this stunt last for 1-10 hours. The mist can be moved from area to area for up to 4-total areas. A bonus side is that if it is a good dream then the target can heal as if resting normally. A nightmare will cause Feeble (2) rank damage.

-Shield: Lilith is able to create a personal force field for herself or others of power rank against all forms of physical and energy (including magic) attack or a 1-area, bubble shaped, transparent shield of­ –3cs rank.

-Teleportation: Lilith is able to teleport with –2cs ability and can reach any place that he has seen (i.e. in person, scrying, etc.).

-Tobian’s Ultimate Circle: Lilith can cast a spell called Tobian’s Ultimate Circle, which is the final word in defensive magic; completely invulnerable, (Class 1000 protection), to those against whom it is cast. While being cast, Lilith must draw a circle of gold dust and decide whether the circle protects against the inside or outside. If inside, nothing within the lines can escape or attack through the barrier until the spell expires or the circle is broken. If set to protect against the outside, whatever is within the lines is absolutely invulnerable to every conceivable attack. In all cases, any force or attack brought against the invulnerable side of the circle is reflected back against the initiator of the force. If a being on the protected side moves or attacks through the barrier, willingly or not, the spell is broken. Lilith is able to open the circle for an instant to teleport or planar travel-just long enough to trap someone inside or bring someone across to the protected side. This spell can also be made permanent.

-Wraith-form: Lilith is able to, after concentrating and casting for a round, cause her body to become intangible reaching Shift 0 (00) density. In this form she becomes apparition-like, causing others to fear her with Excellent (20) ability. Lilith and all she is touching at the culmination of the spell can only be touched by other ethereal or phased beings.

Partial Limitations: Like most vampires, Lilith has weaknesses to certain elements and environments. Lilith, however, is partially immune to some of these. Lilith is able to withstand exposure to the sun, although it drops all of her physical abilities and Psyche by –3cs. She is immune to garlic and holy water, and silver only has a +1cs bonus to damage her. Lilith does still possess their hunger, but can go without drinking blood for extended periods, but must have blood once every 2-weeks or her powers and abilities drop by –1cs every day until she reaches Shift 0 Endurance, at which point she will die of starvation. Lilith must make a Psyche FEAT roll daily to counter the hunger or loses control.

Governor/Inhibitor: Lilith at on time created a paradox that was at it’s birth was capable of destroying the fabric of the universe. At  the end of said emergence, the Shogun Assassins Lord Shogun, Black Dragon and Neo used the Psionic and Reality Manipulating powers to destroy the paradox and save the universe. They approached Priest and had him install a special Governor/Inhibitor into Lilith’s cranium that instantly drops her Psyche to Unearthly (100) rank and forces her into a 10-round vegetation state.


Body Armour: Lilith wears a suit of custom design head-to-toe body armour. The armour is comprised of a micro-weave Kevlar and a series of Trauma Plates. This suit provides Lilith with Unearthly (100) protection from physical and energy attacks.

Chakram’s: Lilith uses a pair of circular blades, made of Class 5000 strength material. Lilith uses these weapon for distance and melee combat, doing Unearthly (100) edged damage or blunt damage. If thrown, the Chakram’s can be bounced off other objects to strike multiple targets with –1cs ability, and will return to Lilith’s hands before the start of the next round.

Calico Model .951 Machine Pistol: On occasion, Lilith carries a machine pistol that fires special silver, hollow point AP rounds that contain an explosive phosphorus silver nitrate. This weapon does Unearthly (100) shooting damage and receives a +3cs bonus against undead. The Calico Model .951 Machine Pistol also has a miniature Belt Grenade launcher. Each round has the following abilities:

Concussion Grenades         Shift X (150) Explosive damage-1 area                                              10 rounds per payload

Shrapnel Grenades               Unearthly edged / Shift Xexplosive damage-1 area                        10 rounds per payload

Smoke Canisters                   Incredible intensity-2 areas, vision is reduced to 1 area                10 rounds per payload

Flare Rockets                        Monstrous intensity, (may be used as a weapon)                         10 rounds per payload

Mini-Nuke                             Class 1000 energy damage - 10 areas                                                05 rounds per payload

Shoulder Cannon: Lilith uses 2, lightweight, shoulder-mounted mini-cannons that inflict Unearthly (100) energy damage to a single target or Shuift Y (200) explosive force damage to several targets in close proximity. A tri-laser targeting beam may be used in surprise or sniper type attacks to hit with Unearthly (100) ability, otherwise it targets with Incredible (40) ability.

The Book of Thoth: This ancient magical tome grants it’s wielder the ability to use virtually any spell in the Players Handbook or the Ultimate Powers Book at Cass 1000 rank. Should a magic user with a Psyche of Beyond rank use the book, they would gain the power of Omniscience.


Martial Arts A +1cs

Occult Lore +1cs

Mystic Background +1cs