Classic Marvel Superheroes RPG

Shogun Industries, Alpha Team - Omega X

Mutant                                                                                   Height: __ ’ __ ”

Real Name: Classified                                                          Weight: ____ lbs.

Occupation: Elite Team Member                                       Gender: Male

Legal Status: U.S. citizen with no criminal record           Age: ______ years

Identity: Public                                                                     Skin Colour: Black

Place of Birth: Classified                                                     Hair Colour: Black

Known Relatives: Classified                                              Eye Colour: Gold

Past Group Affiliations: Classified                                    Present Group Affiliation:  S.I. Elite Team

                                Omega Mode                       Nightmare Mode

Fighting:                Monstrous            75            _______________             (_________)

Agility:                   Amazing                50            _______________             (_________)

Strength:                Incredible              40            _______________             (_________)

Endurance:            Unearthly              100          _______________             (_________)

Reason:                  Remarkable            30            Shift 0                                     (00)

Intuition:                Amazing                50            _______________             (_________)

Psyche:                  Incredible              40            _______________             (_________)

Health:   245          Resources:            Remarkable (30)    Karma Pool 1 (_________) - _______________

Karma:    120          Popularity:             ­­+20                          Karma Pool 1 (_________) - _______________

Known Powers:

Darkforce Manipulation: Omega is able to manipulate the extra-dimensional energy known as the Darkforce. Omega has Amazing (50) ability and is known to have the following power stunts:

-Flight: Omega is able to fly by channelling the Darkforce at –1cs rank or 20-areas per round.

-Darkforce Beams: Omega is able to channel beams of Darkforce to do –1cs damage to a range of 5-areas.

-Constructs: Omega is able to create constructs of Darkforce that are of power rank material strength.

-Teleportation: Omega can teleport 4-areas, by moving through the Darkforce dimension with –2cs ability

-Darkness: Omega is able to create power rank darkness within a 3-area range.

-Enhanced Senses – Vision: Omega is able to see in complete darkness with –1cs ability, up to 5-areas.

-Invisibility: Omega can become wholly or partially invisible, as long as he is in a darkened area. This invisibility conceals Omega at -2cs rank, and is not detectable in the infrared and ultraviolet ranges.

-The Dark Dimension: Omega’s body serves as an opening into the Dark Dimension, a region of cold, inky blackness. This darkness serves as Amazing (50) strength body armor. It also lowers all battle effects against Omega by one color; Green becomes White, Yellow becomes Green, and Red becomes Yellow. Omega is therefore immune from all kill result from edged attacks or a stun results in slugfest. Anyone caught within the folds of Omega’s cape (which requires Omega to make a grappling feat) loses 1-rank

of Endurance for each round they remain within. When their Endurance reaches zero, the character is unconscious. A victim’s Health is by power rank amounts per round, and Omega may use the light he has taken from the victim to increase his Health up to his listed maximum. Omega’s darkness feeds off living light. Omega must make a Yellow Psyche feat in order to expel someone he has enveloped, but he receives 20-Karma points for doing so.

-Nightmare Mode: Should Omega choose to drain all of an opponents abilities to Shift 0 rank instead of their health, Omega will lose all of his Reason (he will become a mindless predator, draining the light from all he can touch with Shift Y [200] ability) for 1-100 turns. Omega takes all of the Ability points stolen and adds them to his own for this time, reverting to normal after the time has expired.

The Armour of Darkness: Omega, along with Priest and the Highwayman’s help, designed this suit of armour for Omega. The suit is made of an Unearthly (100) strength material that weighs next to nothing, which along with an internal force field projector provides Omega with Amazing (50) protection from attacks. The armour also gives Omega Amazing (50) rank life support and has the following:

-Sensor Network: Omega’s armour is equipped with a series of sensor arrays that provide it with Infravision, Life Detection, Combat Sense, Computer Links, Energy, Magnetic, Mutant, and Astral Detection of Monstrous (75) rank, as well as Class 1000 rank tracking ability. Omega is able to track virtually anything that he is able to identify and cannot be blindsided.

-Particle Accelerators: All of Omega’s Darkforce attacks function at +1cs rank damage and +2cs range.

-Energy Absorption and Venting: Omega can absorb up to 200-points of energy and is able to vent another 100-points through the armour into a Darkforce Dimension. He can absorb incoming energy on a Yellow feat or better with Unearthly (100) ability. Omega must use or vent (100 points per round) this energy within 4-rounds or the suit to automatically release all stored energy doing damage to all in 2-areas.

Enhanced Senses – Hearing: Omega is able to hear with Monstrous (75) ability. (Note; this power is always in effect and sonic based attacks do +1cs damage and Omega is -1cs on feat rolls against these attacks). Omega is able to detect when someone is lying with –1cs rank and is able to use an existing sound as a radar signal as a form of detection power with +1cs ability.


The Sword of Darkness: Omega carries an enchanted sword given to him by Sauren Teku. The Sword of Darkness is a Class 1000 material strength bastard sword, that in Omega’s hands does Amazing (50) edged damage or Incredible (40) blunt damage. The sword also has the following powers and abilities:

-Dimensional Aperture: The Sword of Darkness is able to cut through dimensional barriers allowing the Unearthly (100) intensity solar energy of the sun, or the Monstrous (75) cold of the deep space to spill forth at a range of 4-areas.

-Aura Reading: The Sword of Darkness allows Omega to detect and/or read the Fighting, Strength, Endurance and Psyche of other living beings. There is no rank with this power; however, Omega can become overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of some power levels. Anything over Unearthly (100) rank requires Omega to make a Psyche feat roll or be mentally stunned for 1-10 rounds.

-Dread Darkness:  The Sword of Darkness is capable of unleashing a 2-area long sheath of energy that lasts for 1-10 rounds, doing Monstrous (75) intensity Darkforce damage. The total damage with the 2 side effects of 40-points of cold, and 40-points of electrical damage is 155-points in one strike. After using this ability, the sword requires 10-rounds to recharge.

10mm S.I. Issue Auto-cannons: Omega carries a pair of customized 10mm Auto-cannons loaded with programmable replicating clips. Once these clips are emptied, they take 1-full round to cycle through the replication process, and are fully recycled. The weapon features a rapid fire function that fires bursts of 10-rounds, but at a chance to hit of –1cs, or can be fired as an automatic weapon with a chance to hit of –2cs. They are programmed with the following types:

Standard Rounds               20 per cycle           Excellent (10) rank and damage                                      4 areas

Mercy Rounds                    25 per cycle           Typical (06) and Remarkable (30) stunning                 4 areas

Armour Piercing Rounds  25 per cycle           Remarkable (20) rank and damage                                 4 areas

Explosive AP Rounds        10 per cycle           Incredible (30) rank and damage                                    3 areas

Vampslayer Rounds           10 per cycle           Remarkable (30) damage +2cs against undead            2 areas

EM Rail-Clusters                2 per 10 cycles      Amazing (50) rank and damage + special                     6 areas


Martial Arts +1cs

Occult Lore

Mystic background



Theme Song:

(Remember this is about who your character is, what people are supposed to think about them… this is not their WWE intro music)

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