Classic Marvel Superheroes RPG

Shogun Industries, Alpha Team - Priest (Arach)

Altered Human                                                                                                     Height: 5 ’ 7 “

Real Name: Richard A. Parry                                                                   Weight: 175 lbs.

Occupation: Theoretical Weapons Specialist                /C.E.O. Spyder Inc.                Gender: Male

Legal Status: Canadian citizen with no criminal record                     Age: 29 years

Identity: Public                                                                                                     Skin Colour: Caucasian, tanned

Place of Birth: Halifax, NS, Canada                                                                   Hair Colour: Spiked, blond streaks

Alias Modes: Arach/Arach, Street Urchin                                                         Eye Colour: Ice Blue

Past Group Affiliations: The Avengers, Force Works, US Military 

Present Group Affiliation:  Shogun Industries, Arach Inc.

                                Priest                                      Arach                     Mech-Arach

Fighting:                Unearthly              100                Shift Z                    Class 1000

Agility:                   Amazing                50                Unearthly              Shift Y

Strength:                Excellent                20                Shift Z                    Shift Z

Endurance:                Incredible              40                Shift Z                    Class 1000

Reason:                  Amazing                50                Unearthly              Feeble

Intuition:                Incredible              40                Shift Z                    Shift Z

Psyche:                  Unearthly              100                Shift Z                    Shift Z

Health:                                                   210                1600                        2700

Karma:                                                    190                1100                        1002

Resources:                Incredible (40) / Unearthly (100)       Karma Pool 1 (___________): ____________

Popularity:                ­­+30 / +20 / -100 / -1000                          Karma Pool 1 (___________): ____________

Known Powers:

Template Duplication: Priest is able to read and copy the abilities, memories, powers and talents of other living individuals with Shift Z (500) ability. This process (during which Priest’s eyes flash with a brilliant bluish-white energy) takes 1-round to read and copy the template and another round to integrate the template into his D.N.A. If actively being used Priest is able to copy and integrate that ability in a round.

Density Phase Manipulation: Priest is able to alter the density of matter, including his own or that of other beings or objects with Unearthly (100) ability. This shift can be from intangible or Shift 0 density to the tensile hardness of Unearthly (100) rank. Priest is able to use the following power stunts:

-Passing: Priest is able to pass through force fields on a successful –2cs feat roll.

-Levitation: Priest can walk on air as if it were solid ground with power rank ability.

-Electronic Disruption; priest can disrupt electrical equipment with power rank ability. Sentient equipment must make an Endurance feat roll or be knocked unconscious for 1-10 rounds and suffer loss of 50-health.

-Density Phase Shift-Others: Priest can render objects or people out of phase while in contact with them.

-Contact Phasing: Wielding out of phase objects that solidify when released and inflict material strength damage on the edged column.

-Automatic Phase Shift: Priest can phase out when he is in danger and can only be harmed by multi-dimensional, psionic or magical attacks. A White Psyche feat will keep him in his normal state.

-Flight: Priest is able to fly while at Shift 0 density; his speed is Poor (04) rank or 4-areas per round.
-Physical Disruption: Priest can disrupt living or nonliving material by solidifying inside of them. Damage inflicted is equal to Priest's chosen density rank while the targets body armour is ignored.

-Targeted Shifting: Priest is able to target a particular type of matter in a target he is phasing through and carry it out the other side of the target with –2cs ability, for example phasing his hand into a person and phasing out a tumour or cancerous growth.

Enhanced Senses: Priest is able to fee and read the energy of living matter within 2-areas of his location and has Amazing (50) ability. This allows Priest to track living beings, see into ultraviolet and x-ray spectrums, and use telescopic (4-areas) or microscopic vision, and can see others in astral form with Incredible (40) ability. Priest is able to hear with Remarkable (30) ability, detect when someone is lying and hear through solid materials normally.

Multi-Tasking: Priest is able to use any of his powers at the same time, using up to as many powers as he can make actions at a penalty of –2cs to all feat rolls.

Multiple Attacks: Priest is able to make a number of attacks in a single round, having Shift X (150) ability, allowing Priest to make 4-attacks per round as long as he can make a green feat roll to hit at this power rank.

Organic Quantum Bio-Driver: Priest is one of the few members of the original experiment to copy and integrate a second-generation copy of Sauren’s Bio-Surge Driver. The driver is an extremely advanced living being that is bonded to the heart of another living being on a sub-atomic level. The driver boosts all of the bonded beings abilities by +1cs and initiates a change in the D.N.A. of its host. The host D.N.A. chain is imbedded with quantum particles and coding that allows the host to transform into the aspect of their maximum superhuman potential. Arach has all of Priest’s powers except for his Template Duplication power. For Priest this is Arach:

-Wall Crawling: Arach can adhere to vertical and upside-down surfaces with Unearthly (100) ability.
Spider-Sense: Arach has a Combat Sense of Shift Z (500) at all times. This sense alerts him to potentially dangerous situations and warns him by a mental “buzzing.” The intensity of the buzzing is determined by the rank of the potential danger. Arach cannot be blindsided while this form of Combat Sense is in effect, and may perform defensive actions if he makes a successful Intuition FEAT roll.
Metallic Webbing: Arach can generate a web-like chemical formula that has Unearthly (00) material strength the round it is fired, and hardens to Shift Y (200) strength in the following round. Arach uses this webbing to restrain opponents, make swing lines (he can travel 5-areas/round in this manner), create missiles which inflict Incredible (40) blunt damage (4-area range), and create shields of Unearthly (100) material strength. The webbing dissolves after an hour.

-Quantum Beams: Arach is able to generate a beam of Shift Y (200) intensity quantum energy, or -2cs intensity force (ignores body armour completely, force fields operate at –3cs) and has line-of-sight range.

-Surge Pulse: A special ability that Arach has using the Bio-Driver is the "Surge Pulse" attack, which uses anywhere from 100-to-500 points of pure quantum energy, focused into a wide-angle force beam that affects all living matter that it strikes with Unearthly to Shift Z (100-to-500) force. This attack extends for 10-areas by 1-area, ignores all body armour of less than Unearthly (100) rank and force fields function at –3cs. Affected individuals get to make an Endurance FEAT roll, anything less than a red feat means the victim is stunned, for 24-hours, and loses 3-ranks of Endurance. Arach is however affected by this attack and is –2cs on all Agility and Endurance feats, and has no energy powers for the next 10-rounds.

-Resistances: Arach has Class 1000 resistance to cold/heat, corrosive, disease/toxin and radiation based attacks. Arach is also considered to have Unearthly (100) rank life support that allows him to survive in deep space for extended periods of time.

-Direct Access: The most dangerous usage of the Bio-Surge Drivers is the use of direct access to the quantum conduit. The final transformation, assuming that Priest survives the initial contact with the quantum conduit, is Mech-Arach, a giant Drider (Half man/half spider – tarantula in this case) covered in techno-organic armour plates that give it Shift Z (500) protection from physical based attacks and Class 5000 protection from energy based attacks. Mech-Arach is able to make up to 12-attacks in a single round (2-arms, 8-spider legs, bite/spray and webbing) and is capable of Shift Z (999) energy blasts, Monstrous (75) corrosive sprays and Unearthly (100) strength metal webbing. Mech-Arach is also able to turn the Swords of the Spiderlord into two giant battle-axes of Class 5000 material strength.


Weapon Master “The Swords of Arach’nor” +2cs (-1 on initiative)

Guns/Marksmanship +1cs                                 Weapons Theory/Research and Development +2cs

Quick-Striking +1cs                        Exhibition) +1cs

Acrobatics/Tumbling +1cs


Arach Incorporated                         The Shogun Industries                              Force Works

The Shogun Assassins                             Canadian Military /Government                he Avengers

Spiderman/Scarlet Spider                     US Military/Government

Role Playing Notes:

Priest is a wisecracking, fun loving, and intelligent guy known for his more than frequent use of bad puns. In combat Priest loves to crack jokes and kick ass, all at the same time. However, Priest is a model of control, keeping the forces inside of him from causing sheer chaos and destruction of everything around him. Beneath his fun loving exterior is a mind capable of genius level strategy and accomplishment, capable of bringing the world into the next step of evolution or wiping all life off of the face of the earth.


Theme Song:

Papa’s Got a Brand New Pigbag – Pigbag (Priest)

Smack My Bitch Up (remix) – Prodigy f/ Fatboy Slim (Arach)

Superbeast – Rob Zombie – (Mech-Arach)


The Swords of the Spiderlord: Priest uses a pair of swords called the Swords of Arach’nor. The Swords of Arach’nor are made of a Class 5000 material strength translucent white metal. The swords are designed in the style of a Katana and Wakazashi with spider pommels and runes etched in gold along the blade. In Priest’s hands the swords do Amazing (50) edged or Remarkable (30) blunt damage. The swords grant Priest the following abilities and powers:

-Force Bubble: Priest is able to summon a bubble of force that repels all but mental/psionic and emotion based attacks with Unearthly (100) ability. One blade must be drawn and braced for this power to work.

-Mystic Deflection and Severing: The swords are able to redirect or sever mystic bonds and energies with Unearthly (100) ability, such as deflecting mystic bolts or cutting magic restraints.

-Deflection: By spinning the swords in front of him, Priest can create a shield of Unearthly (100) rank.

-Unfettered Might: This special attack creates a bluish/black aura around the blades allowing Priest an attack that does Class 1000 energy damage. This attack has major drawbacks though. The blades of the Swords of Arach’nor shatters and the surviving handle and hilt must be kept in absolute darkness for 10-100 days before it regenerates. Priest himself takes 100-points of damage and becomes comatose for 10-100 turns while he recovers.

Shin’ji Disks: These four, Class 1000 material strength, nearly weightless translucent white steel disks, may be thrown up to 4-areas and inflict Incredible (40) damage and may penetrate up to Monstrous (75) strength materials. Priest has remote control over the disks and can target objects with Shift Y (200) ability, having the disks return at the end of the round.

Physical Network Weapons: Just below the surface of Priest’s skin is a series of conduits and projectors that Priest has had programmed to contain small pocket dimensions housing the weapons listed below:

-10mm S.I. Issue Auto-Cannons: Priest carries a pair of customized 10mm Auto-cannons loaded with programmable replicating clips. Once these clips are emptied, they take 1-full round to cycle through the replication process, and are fully recycled. The weapon features a rapid fire function that fires bursts of 10-rounds, but at a chance to hit of –1cs, or can be fired as an automatic weapon with a chance to hit of –2cs. They are programmed with the following 10mm types:

Standard Rounds                 20 per cycle       Excellent (10) rank and damage                                  4-areas

Mercy Rounds                     25 per cycle       Typical (06) and Remarkable (30) stunning                                4-areas

Armor Piercing                     25 per cycle                Remarkable (20) rank and damage                                  4-areas

Explosive AP rounds   10 per cycle                Incredible (30) rank and damage                                  3-areas

Vamp Slayer rounds   10 per cycle                Remarkable (30) damage +2cs against undead   2-areas

EM Rail-Clusters                  2 per 10 cycles     Amazing (50) rank and damage + special                  6-areas

Gauss Clusters                     1 per 10 cycles     Amazing (50) to Shift Y (200) rank damage                                10-area

-Dual Barrelled Dragon Cannon: The network is equipped with a rifle that fires 1.00” rounds that do Amazing (50) shooting damage and can pierce up to Unearthly (100) strength material. The Dragon Cannon can only fire once every 2-rounds as there is no clip and the shells must be loaded directly into the chamber. The Dragon Cannon has a telescopic, multi-spectrum scope giving the a range of 10-areas.

-Mini-Missile Pods: Priest’s network is equipped with four, replicating Miniature Missile pods that fire a spread of up to 25 concussion (force) or fragmentation (edged) Amazing (50) rank missiles per pod. The missiles are able to target single individuals, 1-area, or a 4-area cube.

The Proto-culture Tactical Weapon: The ultimate weapon from the Shogun Assassins armoury is the Proto-culture Tactical Weapon. Priest first got this when he temporarily became a Shogun Assassin (about 1-year). The Proto-culture Bomb emits a pulse painting a 100-area sphere as a target, and then emits a second pulse shattering inorganic matter with Class 1000 ability. The third and final stage of the Proto-culture Bomb is a third pulse that vaporizes organic matter with Class 500 ability. The use of this weapon costs its wielder all of their karma and drops their health to 1, and stuns them for 10-100 days.