Classic Marvel Superheroes RPG

Shogun Industries, Alpha Team – Psychosis, Master of Thought

Altered Human                                                                     Height: 5’ 10”

Real Name: Michael Johnson                                             Weight: 210 lbs.

Occupation: Assistant to Lord Shogun                           Gender: Male

Legal Status: No Longer Applicable                 Age: 26 years

Identity: Secret (believed to have died)                           Skin Colour: Caucasian

Place of Birth: Digby, NS, Canada                                     Hair Colour: Black

Known Relatives: Classified                                              Eye Colour: Clear

Past Group Affiliations: S.I./Dead Man Inc./PPW          Present Group Affiliation: S.I. Alpha Team

Fighting:                Incredible              40

Agility:                   Incredible              40

Strength:                Remarkable            30

Endurance:            Amazing                50

Reason:                  Remarkable            30

Intuition:                Incredible              40

Psyche:                  Monstrous            75

Health:   160          Resources: Remarkable (30)               Karma Pool 1 (___________): ____________

Karma:    145          Popularity: +10                                     Karma Pool 2 (___________): ____________

Known Powers:

Mastery of Psionics: Psychosis in his years has developed a mastery of Psionics, the ability of the mind to affect the matter around it with psychic energy. All powers work at Monstrous (75) intensity, with which he can use the following powers:

-All Around Vision: This ability allows Psychosis to be able to see through his normal vision from behind, in front, to the sides, as well as above him. Opponents trying to surprise him suffer a -2cs penalty to their surprise roll.

-Inertial Barrier: This allows Psychosis to set up a barrier of energy that will resist non magical weapons, magical energies, fire, acid, energy generated attacks, falling and ray attacks at power rank ability, but may only do so against one of the previously listed attacks at a time.

-Complete Healing: This power allows Psychosis to instantly heal his body to full health, ridding it of disease, regenerating lost limbs, and regaining lost Endurance ranks. This power is so stressful on the body that all other psionic abilities are reduced by -4cs for 1-turn.

-Energy Containment: This power allows Psychosis to absorb one, power rank intensity energy attack, suffering no damage in the attack, and transferring that energy into light of power rank -2cs magnitude.

-Double Pain: This power allows Psychosis to cause great pain to an opponent. While not causing actual damage, it causes the victim to believe that they have received a hit twice as powerful. Therefore for determining the result of an opposed Endurance feat, treat it as +1cs lower for determining stun, or slam results. This power lasts for 1-turn.

-Psychic Drain: This allows a direct attack on the victim's psyche, doing power rank damage to their psyche. If their Psyche drops below Shift 0, then the remainder of the drain is done to Reason and Intuition, in that order. This attack does no physical damage

-Flesh Armour: This power completely turns Psychosis’ skin into super strong, power rank material strength body armour.

-Psionic Blast: This is an attack that unleashes a power rank mental force attack on the mind of the victim.

-Superior Invisibility: This power is very much different from normal invisibility; it actually tells the victims mind that there is no one there. To the victim, the user of this power makes no sound, smell, or other indication of his presence. The victim is allowed a Psyche check if struck by the beneficiary, to determine if they can break the psionic link.

-Tower of Iron Will: This is an additional defence against psychic attacks.  It allows the user to gain a second resistance check against unwanted psionic intrusion.

-Inflict Pain: This power creates a painful attack that causes power rank physical damage to the victim.

-Split Personality: This power splits the mind into two unique separate entities. Each side of the brain can use any psionic attack, or can do a physical attack. With the complexity of the brain, this power can only be used once per turn.

-Telekinesis: Psychosis can move objects using the power of his mind with Unearthly (100) ability.

-Telepathy: Psychosis can communicate with the minds of other beings, and has Unearthly (100) ability.

Darkforce Generation: Psychosis, having realized his ineffectiveness against non-thinking beings, has learned to tap into the powers of the Darkforce Dimension. This allows him to create energy beams of any power rank up to, and including Amazing (50) intensity.


The Infinite Justice - Two Headed Partizan: This weapon does Incredile (40) edged damage, and is made of Class 1000 material. Once per day, the weapon can release a powerful psionic energy blast of Psyche rank damage. The Infinite Justice grants Psychosis the following abilities and powers:

-Separation: The Justice can be separated into two smaller versions of itself by pressing the appropriate buttons in the centre of the handle, turning it ¼ turn clockwise, lift and then ½ turn counter-clockwise and pulling the two pieces apart.

-Flame Generation: The Justice can generate a sheath of magical fire along the blade doing +1cs damage.

-Deflection: By spinning the Justice in front of him, Psychosis is able to deflect Monstrous (75) attacks.

Possession: Due to his great psionic powers, Psychosis is able to communicate directly with the sentient beings that generate the partizan’s powers. The Justice has the following abilities:

F:                             A:                            S:                             E:                             R:            I:                              P:

Incredible              Amazing                Unearthly              Class 1000             Shift X    Unearthly              Shift X

Karma:                    400

-Unfettered Might: This special attack creates a neon-pinkish/purple aura around the blades, extending for 10’, allowing Psychosis an attack that does Class 1000 energy damage. This attack has major drawbacks though. The blades shatter and the surviving handles must be kept in a Psionic Infusion chamber for 10-100 days before it regenerates (additional psionic power may cause it to regenerate faster). Psychosis himself takes 100-points of damage and becomes comatose for 10-100 turns while he recovers.

Robe of Light: This robe is made of highly magical material that provides Amazing (50) protection from physical and energy attacks.


Occult lore

Martial Arts A-E

Weapon Specialist – Infinite Justice +2cs to hit (-1 on initiative)