Classic Marvel Superheroes RPG

Shogun Industries – Spyder Incorporated - The Sentinel Mechanoid

Robot                                                                                     Height: 20 ’ 1 ”

Real Name: Sentinel Mechanoid                                        Weight: 7350 lbs.

Occupation: Multiple                                                          Gender: Not Applicable

Legal Status: Not Applicable                                             Age: 6 years

Identity: Secret                                                                     Skin Colour: Silver

Place of Birth: Spyder Inc. building NYC                         Hair Colour: None

Known Relatives: Not Applicable                                     Eye Colour: Red

Past Group Affiliations: The Sentinels                             Present Group Affiliation: Spyder Inc.

Fighting:          Remarkable        30

Agility:             Remarkable        30

Strength:          Unearthly          100

Endurance:      Unearthly          100

Reason:            Remarkable        30

Intuition:          Amazing            50

Psyche:            Remarkable        30

Health: 260       Resources: N/A         Karma Pool 1 (___________): ____________
Karma: 110       Popularity: -1              Karma Pool 2 (___________): ____________

Known Powers:

Robotic Body: Sentinel is a robotic life form and as such it has the following powers and abilities:

Armor Skin: Sentinel’s skin can be treated as Amazing (50) material, which provides protection from physical and energy attacks. He is immune to cold/fire/heat, disease/toxin and mental attacks. Sentinel also has no need to eat sleep or breath, and is considered to have Class 1000 life support.

Permanent Growth: Because of its great size, anyone attacking Sentinel gains a +1cs bonus to hit it.

Energy Absorption: Sentinel is able to absorb and feed off of any type of energy directed at it of up to Unearthly (100) rank. Sentinel is also able to heal up to power rank amounts of damage in this fashion.

Sensor Arrays: Sentinel is equipped with a series of sensor arrays that provide it with Infravision, Life Detection, Combat Sense, Computer Links, Energy, Magnetic and Mutant Detection of Monstrous (75) rank, as well as Unearthly (100) rank tracking ability. Sentinel is able to track virtually anything that he is able to identify. Sentinel also cannot be blindsided.

Advanced Communications Array: Sentinel has a communications array that allows communications with Unearthly (100) range and has Incredible (40) rank encryption capabilities.

Electronic Counter Measures: Sentinel is invisible to radar and sonar at Remarkable (30) intensity.

Electromagnetic Pulse: One Sentinel’s major modulators is an EMP generator, which shuts down all electrical systems in a 20-area range including many of Sentinel’s own systems (sensors and absorption remain on- line). This device functions at Shift Z (500) intensity. Sentinels own systems reboot in 1 round.

Flight Systems: Sentinel can fly by means of Excellent (20) strength graviton manipulators that allow Sentinel to achieve a maximum speed of 30 areas/round, but only half that in compressed areas such as cities. Sentinel also has an onboard flight computer that grants +1cs manoeuvrability, and also a +2cs to any Agility FEAT that involves manoeuvres or turns.

Stealth Cloaking: Sentinel is able to bend the light around itself to hide it from sight, with Amazing (50) ability. There is a visible warping effect that can be seen, like looking at a hot road. Characters with enhanced senses may try to see it with a FEAT roll of green against the Amazing (50) power rank.

Weapons Systems: Sentinel uses a vamped up targeting computer that provides +1cs to all attacks, coupled with an eye-mounted, laser sighting/guidance system capable of tracking several targets at once, Sentinel has Monstrous (75) multiple attack ability, and the following weapons systems:

-Concussion Grenade Launcher: These weapons fire miniature grenades that do Incredible (40) explosive force damage to all in one area, and has a range of 5 areas.

-Plasma Generators: Sentinel is able to generate a stream of superheated plasma that is of Monstrous (75) intensity, and does 155 points of total damage, from each one of its hands. This amount can be doubled for Shift Y (310) damage by utilising both streams. The effective range is 10 areas and does -1cs damage to the surrounding area.

-M-21 Assault Combat System: The M-21 provides Sentinel with a weapon that fires 7.62-mm concussive force rounds. This weapon inflicts Remarkable (30) force damage and has a payload of 5000 rounds.  In addition it carries an integral 40-mm grenade launcher which fires Incredible (40) intensity, plasma grenades. The payload of this weapon is 20 rounds.


All Science and Computer skills

Law Enforcement

Martial Arts A & B

Thrown Objects

Guns and Marksmanship