Classic Marvel Superheroes RPG - Sleepwalker a.k.a. Storm Shadow the Dream Assassin

Altered Human                                                                     Height: 5’ 9”

Real Name: Johnny “Iron Dragon” Chang                       Weight: 200 lbs.

Occupation: Ninja/Assassin/Actor                                  Gender: Male

Legal Status: US citizen with criminal record   Age: ??? years

Identity: Secret                                                                     Skin Colour: Yellow/Asian

Place of Birth: Osaka, Japan                                               Hair Colour: Black

Known Relatives: Classified                                              Eye Colour: Black

Past Group Affiliations: Lin Kuei                                      Present Group Affiliation: The S.I. Elite

Fighting:                Unearthly              100

Agility:                   Amazing                50

Strength:                Incredible              40

Endurance:            Amazing                50

Reason:                  Good                      10

Intuition:                Monstrous            75

Psyche:                  Unearthly              100

Health: 240            Resources: Unearthly (100)                Karma Pool 1: (___________): ____________

Karma: 185             Popularity: -1/+100                               Karma Pool 2: (___________): ____________

Known Powers:

Dream Manipulation and Control: Sleepwalker is able to enter and control the Dreamscape, by creating a portal, (usually any type of shadow), and walking through it into another beings dream. Once in the Dreamscape, Sleepwalker is able to control, manipulate and even bring objects through to our dimension. This power functions at Unearthly (100) rank and Sleepwalker has developed the following power stunts:

-Induction: Induce sleep in others at -1cs power rank. Effects of this stunt last for 1-10 hours and if it is a good dream then the target can heal as if resting normally. A nightmare causes Feeble (02) rank damage.

-Reality Manipulation: In the Dreamscape Sleepwalker is able to alter reality (or the dream) with power rank ability. He is only limited by his imagination and recent events in the mind of his target. If the dreamer detects him, they may make a Yellow Psyche FEAT roll to banish him from the dream.

-Possession: Any object Sleepwalker brings into our dimension has the same properties it does in the dream up to a maximum of his power rank. Anything over that will disappear when he steps through the portal. These items commonly disappear after 24 hours, unless they are unique to this dimension.

-Dream Teleportation: Sleepwalker is able to transport himself through either shadows or the Dreamscape dimension with power rank ability, reaching up to 60-areas away instantly.

Ablative Armour: Sleepwalker wears a suit of ablative armour plates that alters the flow of energy that is directed at it. The suit provides Amazing (50) protection from physical attacks, and Unearthly (100) protection from energy attacks, and is +2cs against psionic attacks, by means of a mystic enchantment.

Psionic Weapons: Sleepwalker uses a series of weapons that are constructed by his latent telepathic ability. These weapons are pure psionic energy equalling Unearthly (100) material strength, and inflicting Amazing (50) rank damage. The secondary effect of these weapons is that these victims are at a -3cs to his inflicting sleep upon them and expel him from their dreams within 24-hours of the wound. Sleepwalker commonly uses oriental weapons due to his training as a ninja assassin.


Psionic Shuriken Gauntlets: Sleepwalker wears a pair of jade, full-metal gauntlets both of which are equipped with a


Martial Arts A-E

Acrobatics, Tumbling, Oriental Weapons, Thrown Objects and Stealth

Occult Lore and Mystic Background

Sleight of Hand (+1cs Agility)




The Highwayman

The Widowmaker

Sauren Teku

Theme Song:

Go To Sleep – Eminem, DMX and Obie Trice

Role Playing Notes: