Classic Marvel Superheroes RPG

Shogun Industries – Tarantula, the Super Saiya-jin

Altered Human/Alien                                                                          Height: 5’7”

Real Name: Richard Alexander Parry                                                Weight: 165 lbs.

Occupation: Freelance Bounty Hunter/S.I./Student                      Gender: Male

Legal Status: Canadian Citizen with a criminal record                    Age: 29

Identity: Secret/Known only to the S.I. Elite members                  Skin Colour: Caucasian

Place of Birth: Classified                                                                     Hair Colour: Neon Blue w Blond streaks, (long spiked)

Known Relatives: Priest (father), Jasmine (mother)                        Eye Colour: Crystal Blue

                                Sayian                                    Were-form             SSJ1                        SSJ2                        SSJ3

Fighting:                Monstrous            75            Unearthly              Shift X                    Shift Y                    Shift Z   

Agility:                   Amazing                50            Unearthly              Shift X                    Shift Y                    Shift Z   

Strength:                Remarkable            30            Unearthly              Shift X                    Shift Y                    Shift Z   

Endurance:            Amazing                50            Unearthly              Shift X                    Shift Y                    Shift Z   

Reason:                  Incredible              40            Feeble                    Excellent                Remarkable            Incredible

Intuition:                Remarkable            30            Unearthly              Shift X                    Shift Y                    Shift Z   

Psyche:                  Monstrous            75            Unearthly              Shift X                    Shift Y                    Shift Z   

Health: 205/400/600/800/2000             Resources: Incredible (40)                                  Karma Pool 1 (___________): ____________

Karma: 145/202/320/430/1040             Popularity: 10/+50 w Spyder Inc. & S.I.            Karma Pool 2 (___________): ____________

Known Powers:

Adamantium Skeleton and Claws: Tarantula’s skeleton has been impregnated with microscopic scales and plates of Adamantium, a Class 1000 strength material. This means that Tarantula’s bones are virtually indestructible. Tarantula is +1cs to damage in blunt, charging or any combat that involves the use of his body as a weapon. He may stun or slam any opponent that he can damage. Tarantula has 3 8” long claws of solid Adamantium that rest inside the forearm, exiting from ports on the top of the hand. Against living targets he is able to inflict Incredible (40) edged damage.

Armour Skin: Due to the same implantation process that gave him his Adamantium skeleton and claws, the molecules of Tarantulas epidermis have been augmented with Class 1000 Adamantium molecules, granting him Monstrous (75) protection from physical and Amazing (50) protection from energy attacks.

Stealth and Cloaking: Tarantula is able to bend light and sound waves around his body and those of anyone touching his (if he chooses to) with Monstrous (75) ability.  Spotting him requires a minimum Yellow Psyche feat on the Incredible (40) column.

Wall Crawling: Tarantula can adhere to most surfaces with Amazing (50) ability, and is able to move at his normal movement rate along any surface (including vertical, horizontal, inclined, reclined. etc.).


Kamehameha Blasts: Tarantula is able to channel his Chi into a wide-angle energy beam that he is able to do Unearthly (100) force or energy damage with, range of 4-areas. Tarantula is however affected by this attack and receives the following penalties. Tarantula is -2cs on all Agility and Endurance feats, and has no energy powers for the next 2-rounds.

Kaioken Surge: Tarantula is able to enhance his own abilities with a technique called the Kaioken. This ability allows Tarantula to focus his energies, granting himself a boost in ability to the rank of Unearthly (100), for a total of 1-10 rounds. There are a number of other abilities that he can use including:

-Power Rush: When using the Kamehameha attack, Tarantula is able to increase its’ output to Shift Z (500) rank, with a range of 10-areas. However, it does require Tarantula to make an Endurance FEAT roll, or be stunned for 1-10 rounds.

-Adrenal Surge: Every 3-rounds Tarantula is able to raise his Fighting, Strength and Endurance ranks by +1cs to a maximum rank of Unearthly (100), Every time he does though, Tarantula must make an Endurance FEAT roll or be stunned.

Transformation: Tarantula is able to transformation like all of Saiya-jin heritage. When in the light from a full moon, Tarantula transforms into a giant ape, with Shift Y (200) abilities and armour skin, and has a wide angle beam weapon fired from the mouth that does Unearthly (100) intensity energy damage.

Super Sayian Transformation: Tarantula is one of the only Saiya-jin’s that is able to transform into the pinnacle of Saiya-jin evolution, a Super Saiya-jin. In this form all of Tarantula’s physical abilities, Psyche and powers, increase to the rank of Shift Y (200) for the length of the transformation. Tarantula is also able to transform once again into an Ascended Saiya-jin, and in this form all of Tarantula’s physical abilities, Psyche and powers, increase to the rank of Shift Z (500) for the length of the transformation

Life/Energy Detection: Tarantula is able to detect and/or read the energy patterns of other living beings. There is no power rank with this power; however, Tarantula can become overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of some power levels. Anything over Unearthly (100) rank requires Tarantula to make a Psyche FEAT roll or be mentally stunned for 1-10 rounds.

Regeneration: Tarantula is able to recover Excellent (20) amounts of health lost to damage, and 1-Endurance rank per day. He also has Monstrous (75) resistance to most disease/toxin attacks, receiving a +1cs feat roll against them.


Highway Special 619 Auto-cannons: These fully automatic 10mm auto-cannons feature a 20 round drum cylinder and an over/under barrel configuration, armed with programmed replicating ammunition. Once emptied it takes the drum one full round to replicate new cycle ammunition. The weapon features and Individual Temperature Tracking system. The ITT system uses micro-thermal scanners in the ammunition to target and track targets by their individual internal temperatures, to hit with a +2cs. The weapon also features an rapid fire function that fires bursts of 10 rounds, but at a chance to hit of –1cs, or can be fired as an automatic weapon with a chance to hit of –2cs, (damage is also +1cs).

Ammunition Type               # of rounds/cycle                 Damage                                                 Special Notes:

-Mercy Rounds                    20 per cycle                           Feeble 02 + stun result                        Unearthly (100) strength paralytic

- Full Metal Jackets              20 per cycle                           Excellent 20 to Amazing 50                 Different speeds of fire

-Armour Piercing Rounds   20 per cycle                           Remarkable 30                                       up to Monstrous (75) rank armour

-Vampslayer Rounds           10 per cycle                           Remarkable +2cs vs. Undead             Hollow AP Round w Silver & Phosphorus

-Gauss-clusters                    2 per 10 cycles/max. 10        Amazing-Shift Y + 10-50 points h/e  All tech. on the target magnetically wiped

The Black Serpent 75-Calibre Assault/Sniper Rifle: Similar to the famous Elephant Gun, the Black Serpent is a dual barrelled assault rifle using 75-calibre shells. The weapon is capable of single shots every two rounds to allow for cooling of the firing chamber, rapid fire (-1cs to hit) or can be fired as an automatic weapon (-2cs to hit, +1cs to damage) but must be left to cool for 1-turn for the rapid fire function to cool, and 10-turns to cool from the automatic function. The Black Serpent is capable of using Full Metal Jacket ammunition that does Amazing (50) damage or Gauss-Clusters that do Amazing (50) to Shift Y (200) damage.


Weapons Specialist – Swords of the Spiderlord +2cs

Theoretical Weapons +2cs

Guns & Marksmanship +1cs

Computers +2cs

Martial Arts A, B, C, and E +1cs

Law Enforcement+1cs