Classic Marvel Superheroes RPG

Shogun Industries - Vanessa A.I. a.k.a. Graymalkin Artificial Intelligence Network

Computer/Android                                                              Height: 5’2”

Real Name: Vanessa                                                            Weight: 115 Lbs.

Occupation: Computer Interface/Controller                    Gender: Female

Legal Status: Not Applicable                                             Age: 23

Identity: Secret                                                                     Skin Colour: White

Place Of Birth: Spyder Inc. Labs                                        Hair Colour: Brown

Known Relatives: None                                                      Eye Colour: Brown

Past Group Affiliation: The Shogun Assassins              Present Group Affiliation: The Shogun Industries/Spyder Incorporated

                                Station Interface Mode       Station Independent Mode                Shogun Assassin Mode

Fighting:                Shift 0                     0              Incredible              40                            Unearthly              100

Agility:                   Amazing                50            Amazing                50                            Unearthly              100

Strength:                Shift 0                     0              Incredible              40                            Shift Y                    200

Endurance:            Class 1000             1000        Class 1000             1000                        Class 3000             3000

Reason:                  Class 3000             3000        Class 3000             3000                        Class 3000             3000

Intuition:                Monstrous            75            Unearthly              100                          Class 1000             1000

Psyche:                  Unearthly              100          Shift Y                    200                          Class 1000             1000

Health:                                                   0                                              1130                                                        3400

Karma:                                                    3175                                        3300                                                        5000                       

Resources:            Unearthly

Popularity:             +50 / +40 on Earth

Known Powers:

Artificial Intelligence Network: Vanessa is the sum total of SI Computer Sciences, and is the brainchild and friend of Priest and Sauren Teku. Vanessa is a super powerful artificial intelligence computer program. In her natural state Vanessa has no form and is capable of controlling all of the SI computer functions. Vanessa is able to interact with our world by means of a holographic form and an android body, (which she must download herself into). Vanessa is capable of the following:

-Network: Vanessa has a mental link with every portion of the Graymalkin space station at Class 1000 rank. The station moves and shape-changes upon the merest of Vanessa’s commands. The station can also develop both offensive and defensive gadgets, powers and abilities at power rank. Vanessa has control over the station’s weapons and tools even from earth-side, and is able to use them through long range projectors. Vanessa also has control of the orbital weapons platforms and planetary power and weapons stations.

-Armor Skin/Force Field: Vanessa’s humanoid body has armour skin of Amazing (50) rank, and is equipped with force field projectors of Monstrous (75) rank. The force field completely absorbs any attacks that have a power rank equal to or less than her power rank number. The remaining intensity breaches the field and affects anyone within with its diminished effect.

-Solar Regeneration: Vanessa’s body is able to heal her Endurance rank amount every 10-rounds, but is dependent upon solar energy.

-Body Resistance: Vanessa has Amazing (50) rank resistance to cold, fire/heat and electrical attacks, +1cs against electro-magnetic attacks and is immune to disease/toxin, and mental attacks. she can still be stunned or slammed, and is affected by emotion based attacks normally.

-Electronic Counter Measures: Vanessa has the ability to avoid electronic detection and thwart any and all attempts to be controlled by electronic means. This provides Unearthly (100) rank invisibility against such detection efforts as radar and sonar, as well as any other power, which is being duplicated through electronic means. It also grants power rank resistance to hackers or to outside override attempts.

-Sensor Arrays: Vanessa is able to use the data from all of the orbital, planetary and station sensors to give her virtually any detection power that she may need, with which Vanessa is considered to have Unearthly (100) ability. Some of the stunts from this power include; circular vision, environmental awareness, microscopic, penetrating and thermal vision, and tracking, to name a few.

-Station/Planetary Fusion Energies: Vanessa is in constant contact and in constant control of the power systems for the earth and the SI orbital systems. Any energy attack or need that she has is met by means of the station and planetary fusion engines. This gives her the Class 1000 ability to absorb energy, from up to 100-areas away. Vanessa is able to generate energy with the same ability, but reels in to the Incredible (40) level, but is still able to use any rank up to Class 1000.

-Weapon Creation: Vanessa can create weapons out of thin air, but can only make reason number of weapons as she must have knowledge of the weapon to create it. Vanessa is also able to access the special forces weapons of the si elite, by teleporting those weapons to herself.

-Biophysical Control: Vanessa can alter the physiology of a target with Unearthly (100) ability, and –1cs for every 10-areas separating her and the target, and –1cs per extra target. Vanessa can heal a target, who gains power rank health, green feat handles broken bones and simple wounds, yellow handles wounds to organs, terminal diseases and non-fatal poisons, red handles mortal wounds and massive physical trauma. The other effect this power can have is disruption, which causes the target’s nerves to fire all at once, stunning them for 1-10 rounds.

-Cybernetic Control: Vanessa can control the functions and operations of any cybernetic life form. That is any cybernetic with an Artificial Intelligence. This acts as mind control of Unearthly (100) rank. The power rank determines the intensity of the control Vanessa has over the cybernetics AI. This rank also determines the range and duration of the control.

-Cybernetic Transmission: Vanessa can transmit her memory, personality, and thoughts to any cybernetic system at Unearthly (100) rank. Converting the AI of a cybernetic to the Reason does this. This then becomes the new ai for the cybernetic. Vanessa can also control any actions that the cybernetic does but usually only does this when the station is overtaken, or is needed during a catastrophe.

Self-Sustenance: Vanessa has no need to eat, sleep or breathe. Her only need is that she needs to occasionally absorb a source of energy (solar radiation, electricity, etc.), every day, and must do this or lose one endurance rank every hour until she reaches Shift 0, when her core consciousness returns to the station. This also happens when her artificial body is destroyed or reduced to 0 health.

Multi-Tasking: Vanessa has the unique ability to use any of her powers at the same time.



All Computer Skills

All Science Skills

All Professional Skills

Note: Vanessa can download any skill that she needs in one round.