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You say it's your birthday!

We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you!

        ~ the Beatles

Darren celebrated his 32nd birthday this month on May 8th. If you wish to add your birthday message for Daniel's upcoming birthday this July please go to daniellust.com.

More on TTATS
HMV Japan has posted a tracklisting for the new album and a few songs have been played on a radio station in the UK.
Release dates from gopophits.com: Darren Hayes is back with his second solo album titled 'The Tension & The Spark'due for release on 13th September 2004. The albums release will follow on from the first single titled 'Popular' on 23rd August.

Up coming release
Darren has finished his new album and we are waiting for a release date but we have an album title - The Tension and the Spark. There were some listening parties in April/May 2004 and rumours have it the album will be released in September with a single in July. Although the tracklisting has not been released there have been several reviews floating around forums and online.

Jen Waite going solo
Aneiki has announced a hiatus: "Both Grant and Jen taking some time and working on different projects - Jen is writing for her solo album and Grant is focusing on some of the many other music projects he's been involved in over the last 2 years." (taken from aneiki.com). More info on the solo career can be found at jenniferwaite.com.

There isn't much news reported on Daniel but we can only assume he is working with new projects for Meridien Musik which we're also waiting for.

ARIA 2003 Apperances
Daniel presented an award with Kathleen for Best Australian Pop Release which was won by Delta Goodrem. Darren sang one of her songs - "Lost Without You". For more information on Delta, visit deltagoodrem.com.

Savage Garden separated officially on October 5th, 2001.
Darren is pursuing his solo career with "Spin" and Daniel is continuing his work with the record label Meridien Musik and producing acts such as the band Aneiki.

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Oz Chart Details
End of the Year 2001

Affirmation - #71 (peak #1)
Accredited 8x Platinum (2001)
Savage Garden -
Accredited 12x Platinum (2001)
Source: AriaNET

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