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Savage Nites

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We Have Eaten Counter People

This Site May Contain Adult Language And Themes!
As this is a game about Sabbat Vampires, expect that blood, gore, violence and swearing will appear on this site.

The Savage Nites Chronicle is set on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. There are several key Locations which will feature strongly throughout the chronicle. The concept for this Chronicle is a little different than that of others - we are all playing ourselves. Each player was asked to go through all the White Wolf material and find what suited them the most and this chronicle has been the result. The Storyteller, Jeremy Meyer has a major NPC/PC who's nickname is Savage. This character is the CEO of Savage Industries and the owner of the Nightclub - The Ninth Gate. Many of the stories will start here.

This is a Sabbat Chronicle. The majority of the Vampires in this story are Sabbat affiliated. Pack Savage is the chief Sabbat Pack that will be featured. Blood, Violence, Intrigue, Demons, Lust, Power and Pain - all these things can be found in this Chronicle.

This Chronicle is run in Grafton, Australia. If Anyone lives in the Grafton/Coffs Harbour area and are interested in playing then don't hesitate to email us at

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Copyright White Wolf Publishing, Inc.

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