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We believe the most effective way to manage obsolete equipment is to re-purpose it. Our focus on providing the most environmentally friendly process possible prompted us to create one of the most popular chains of equipment resale stores in all of South Asia, Save On Surplus (S.O.S.). Our 100,000 square-foot San Francisco,California, USA facility focuses on buying and remarketing large volumes of computer and office equipment, providing a solid foundation of product flow for our vast distribution network.
A forklift loads up great surplus equipment for customers to buy secondhand.
Of the average eight to 10 tons of [the] e-waste HMR Envirocycle receives daily, 90 percent are already defective and obsolete (pre-Pentium 2) and therefore good only for their scrap and recyclable value. Based on the condition of the central processing units (CPUs), HMR buys whole PCs for at least P200 each. The remaining 10 percent, which at times includes Pentium 4-generation computers, can be mined for working parts that can be used to refurbish old but working units for reselling by HMR's retail outlets under the Save-on-Surplus (SOS) chain in Metro Manila.

Depending on their processing speeds, refurbished computers are usually sold at a low P5,000 to as much as P10,000. (New units cost about P18,000 and upwards.) They also come with a warranty and are covered by a company policy that allows buyers to return the units at the end of their useful lives to HMR for recycling. "If it still has value, we will pay them for it," says Savage. "If it has no more value, we'll still take it and guarantee them that it will not be put in a landfill."

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