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Did you know that one of the oldest environmental organizations in our county, the San Mateo County Resource Conservation District, was originally organized by local farmers?

Today, so-called environmentalists seem to feel that the words "open space" are synonymous with "publicly owned land". If it's private property, if there's a fence around it, they don't consider it "open space". Worse, they assume that there is a big "For Sale" sign, and that all such land, as well as being on the market, is slated for intense development. However, we believe that open space can also be privately owned pasture, farm, forest and other land providing a vista of undeveloped scenery and wildlife habitat that can be looked upon with enjoyment by all.

"Our property is not for sale! My family has been living on our land for six generations. We have maintained it in open space through drought and flood, through war and depression! I will never be a willing seller!"

The "open space" proponents have misconceptions about coastside residents and we will provide links and discussion so that you can see for yourselves.

"They seem to think the coastside is a park or playground for everybody on the other side of the hill."

It's not about open space it's about public access!

The San Mateo County Grand Jury recently said about MROSD:

The District...stated that an option to acquire only agricultural easements in the annexation area is not desirable as the District would not have use of the property for public access.

This is a voluntary effort. We have accepted no money from any special interest groups (or anyone), nor are we asking for any.

Updated 5 April 2003