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Update!!! (March 25, 2009)

INDIO BIG HARVEST - - - Available again! Finally, it can be legally obtained. Good work, to the folks over at Pacemaker Entertainment Ltd. for bringing this album back to the people. Go ahead and buy a legal copy of this album before it vanishes again. Visit Pacemaker.

UPDATE!!! (September 7, 2007) Have been getting many email messages about this..."Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder will unveil an original soundtrack featuring new solo material . Vedder's 'Hard Sun' will appear in 'Into the Wild', along with a slew of other folky ballads. Director Sean Penn hand-picked Vedder to provide the music for the film, starring Emile Hirsh and Vince Vaughn. The soundtrack is out September 18, three days before the movie hits the big screen." Well guess what? Gordon Peterson wrote the tune and performed it as INDIO. Wish I could provide the song, because it is out-of-print. Don't need the problems Gordon had with the record company so I best not post it. Maybe if Gordon can give me permission, I would post the entire album. Still in my top 5 best recordings ever...Maybe, just maybe Gordon will jump back in and share his vision.

Gordon Peterson responded to this website. Here is his email...
"i found your site through a freind, i'm still very private and would
not like any communication through this persons email but am enclosing a song i recorded in my house with some friends a while ago. thanks for all the support wish i could do more, for now i am still sorting things in my life out. G." Click here for song download As Gordon mentioned above, he requested no contact, nor was it clear if he wanted me to post this song. So, Gordon, if not ok, please let me know. The song is really great. Any fan will recognize his voice even with the voice effects he uses for security reasons. The song may also answer many questions as it has for me. Bravo Gordon and we look forward to hearing some more.

Seventeen years after it's debut album Big Harvest released by "INDIO" back in 1989 still has people talking. The album has touched many people, and the myth of the singer/songwriter Gordon Peterson grows stronger every year. After visiting a great site , I noticed many people, like me, wondering what happened?

Well, we may never know what happened to Gordon Peterson's recording career, except one snippet (maybe from Gordon himself thanks to that great site ) (Someone pointed this site out to me and I thought I owed some explanation. The short answer is I did not at the time, have whatever type of personality it required to endure the dark valleys that occur all too often in the business. It overwhelmed me and that was that. I am very much alive, healthy and well. I continue to write and record, and someday I plan to release my work to date but really have no time frame or finality to it. Thank you to all for your wonderful thoughts and well wishes. Gordon) Well, to you Gordon, and all true fans, here is everything for the world to see. Gordon, Thanks for the splendid gift that still gives, Big Harvest.

The following information is from a A&M Records promotional kit obtained in 1996. Before that, in 1992, a group tried to find Gordon Peterson for a recording project. By then, he was already long gone, so to speak. Poof. Save for the Memory. Peace to all.

The information available from the A&M Records promotional kit are linked as follows...

A&M Records, Inc. (Press Department) INDIO Biography © 1989

A&M Records, Inc. INDIO live show tour dates (Were you lucky enough to catch the show?)

Music Express, © July 1989 "Indio By Any Other Name" By Karen Bliss (Article)

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Album information, Song Listings (everything printed on the LP) Players, Producers, Etc.

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