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Angie Sharkey
Chair, Save the Rocket Foundation
September 23, 2005


Titusville, FL – September 23, 2005 - - - The Titan I Rocket located along US Highway 1 for 35 years in Titusville will be “Saved for Education.”

In February, Stage I of the rocket was relocated to Maritime Millworks at Port Canaveral for paint and body work refurbishment. After advanced assessment of the rocket by many aerospace restoration experts, it was determined the skins of the rocket were too compromised to continue with the project.

Angie Sharkey, Chair of the Save the Rocket Foundation commented, “We are saddened the project will not be completed as we originally envisioned. The Save the Rocket Foundation, along with our supporters in the community, had hoped we would be able to preserve the display of the Titan I in front of Titusville High School. The condition of the rocket skins has always been the principle concern for refurbishment; but it was unclear until the body work was slated to begin as to the full extent of their condition.”

Fortunately, the Titan I Rocket will be “Saved for Education.”

On Thursday, September 22nd, Titusville City Council approved the transfer of the vehicle to SpaceTEC, the National Science Foundation Center of Excellence for Aerospace Technological Education led by Brevard Community College. The Center is a resource for aerospace technical education and engages in the development and delivery of curriculum for post-secondary associate degrees, as well as initiating and managing the first-ever nationwide certification program for aerospace technicians. It is based at the Kennedy Space Center/Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

The Titan I will be used as a training tool for future aerospace technicians.

Dr. Koller, executive director Brevard Community College Aerospace Programs and SpaceTEC Principal Investigator, indicated, "It would be hard for me to express to you how important this could be to our program. We are very much in need of real training aids for our program."

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