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July 18, 2001 

Save the Titusville rocket

A FLORIDA TODAY editorial 

New York City has the Statue of Liberty.
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San Francisco has the Golden Gate Bridge.

Titusville has The Rocket.

OK, that's probably not a fair comparison. But to many folks who live in Titusville the aging, rusted Titan 1 that's parked in front of Titusville High School means as much as Lady Liberty or California's magnificent bridge.

After all, city residents helped send the first astronauts into space, launched men to the moon and dispatched spacecraft to other planets. And they're still flying shuttles and building the International Space Station.

It's all done with rockets, which makes the Titan a fitting symbol of the exploration of space.

Sadly, the 30-year-old rocket may be headed for the scrap heap. It's literally falling apart, will cost $50,000 to restore, and the city doesn't want to ante-up. Time is running out fast.

To the rescue, maybe, has come Angie Sharkey.

The 1984 graduate of Titusville High is leading a new fund-raising drive to save the old Titan. Along with her husband, John, she has started a Web site to raise cash, which could be pooled with $9,000 previously collected by the Titusville Kiwanis Club.

The rocket, says Sharkey, is inspirational proof that "we can all soar if we work hard to fly."

We'll second that, and wish her the best of luck.

The rocket is a little piece of local history that deserves everyone's support so it can shine again.

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