~*~ about ~*~ me ~*~
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name: lethia edmondson ------- soon to be cullum ~*engaged*~
nicknames: lethi, thia, shorty, Lil'e', lele, peanut, slave
birthplace: siani children's hospital b-more md
hometown: new freedom, pa
home: stewyville, pa
current residence: york, pa
elementary school: friendship elementary
middle school: southern middle school / south eastern middle school
high school: kennard-dale high school
college: AI Bradley Academy for the Visual Arts
birthday: June 8, 1986
sign: gemini
sibs: *all older* sarah, michal(sis) & isaac
height: 5'1"
weight: 97 lbs.
hair: dirty blonde
eyes: blue
pets: *none* ... hey i want a puppy!!
hobbies: singing, dancing, website, aim/yahoo, singing, zach, movies, friends, singing, internet, eating, zach, singing

color: baby blue
musicians: josh groban, esperanto, krystal, bsb, sublime, lauryn hill, michael jackson, jackson 5, envogue, marc anthony, dixie chicks, allure, all saints... the list never ends
food: cheese ;)
actors: heath ledger + johnny depp *captain jack!*
actress: julia stiles
place: 'in the comfort of your arms' - with my fiance no matter where we are
show: WLiiA?, simpsons, will & grace, american idol *geek*
song @ the moment: 'Come What May' - Ewan McGregor & Nicole Kidman *moulin rouge*
subject: english
animals: ducks, horses & dogs
movies: 10 things i hate about you, save the last dance, moulin rouge, pirates of the caribbean & E.T.
tv shows: will & grace, WLiiA?, american idol, simpsons, boy meets world

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