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  Country Star Takes A Stand!

Charlie Daniels on Mexicans
How True Click Here to read the story.

What America Should Have Done:
When the mexicans protested, they should have check then right on the spot to see if they were here illegally, if so we should have taken them straight back to Mexico.
The shame of it all is the ones here legally that protested with them are as guilty as the illegals.

  Our Belief

1. Take care of yourself
2. Take care of your family
3. Take care of your Neighbors

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  Defenders of The Panthers

Guess who? By Paul Harvey

This is a must read Click Here to read the story.

Nashville, Tennessee News
If you see Hillary Rodham Clinton or Al Gore while their in Nashville or anywhere ask them about Warren Kimbo, Erica Huggins and why these killers got off so easy? and how do killers get to be assistant dean at an Eastern Connecticut State College and on the California School Board.

Remember Cops Write Tickets
Not to save lifes but to make money for County, City and State Government.

Coming News
Why Nashville is going nowhere. Start with your with the local and state Government officials.

Thanks to all those who have served and serving to Keep America Strong and Free.
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