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I have signed a contract with Publish America effective October 1st 2005. My manuscript is currently going through the production process. Currently being edited and formatted. Please revisit,as I will post the date of its release when I hear and thankyou for sharing this dream with me.

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Colleen Smith, 32, from Brussels Ontario Canada began writing poetry at the age of 22. Raised by her grandparents in a Mennonite home gave her the passion to learn and cultivate an independent view on life, which is reflected in her poetry. Colleen says "Writing allows me to open my heart and my soul and share. Our passion comes from our suffering and pain. Perhaps in some small way my words will touch the heart of my readers and stir passion and healing." Colleen attended F.E Madill Secondary school where she completed grade 11 and independently at home completed secondary school through home schooling at Stratford Career Institute.Colleen is currently studying creative writing at Stratford Career Institute Colleen has completed Grade 8 in the Royal Conservatory of Piano Music. Colleen is a member of a variety of literary groups, and has poetry published throughout different Inspirational Daily Email providers. Greater of all these Colleen is a devoted mother of 3 children. Together they enjoy nature and the simple things in life.
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-Entangled Within The Nature of Things has moved on in its production and is now being formatted to print. I am currently working with Publish America on marketing in my local area. Please check back for updates on book signings.
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-Entangled Within The Nature of Things is now through formatting and has moved on in production to cover design.

- I am also in the process of writing my second book Silver Mirror.

Entangled Within The Nature of Things is a collection of heartfelt poetry. If we are to be a traveler in life we must keep moving. This collection of poetry reflects the  personal  life  journeys of the author. From childhoods cherished moments to becoming an adult and being faced with difficult decisions, divorce, death and spritual growth and finding the courage and strength to continue into tomorrow.

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You will need the following information to purchase Entangled Within The Nature Of Things
To be release
December 2005 or January 2006

Author Colleen C. Smith
Title Entangled Within The Nature of Things
ISBN Code 1-4241-13970

It will be available at, Ingram, as well as though  all bookstores nationwide.

I would also like to send out a special thankyou

to a dear friend who encouraged me into having my poetry published. Thankyou for believing in my dream!!!You know who you are!!

-----to the countless readers who have expressed feedback about my writing so very often. There is no greater joy for me as a writer to know someone enjoyed my creation.

----to all those at Publish America who have made this such a wonderful journey!!

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