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Made with love
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Thankyou for taking the time to stop by and visit.Your pathway to get here may have been very troubled, and there may have been times you wondered just how you could go on.

Today I meet you here, promising you that if you have just enough faith left to continue, good days will come. Believe in yourself. Look inside yourself and draw on the innerstrength that is there. Listen to your heart it will always lead in in the right direction......home....your true purpose.
My World Carosel
Light Tommorrow With Today
The pages I have created  hold the most treasured part of my soul.. I share them with you today in hopes they will touch you and remind you that we can make it through pains and struggles. Even though there are clouds in the sky and the sun cannot be seen....one day those clouds will disapear and we will be touched with the warmth of happy days. . God bLess
Spread Your Wings And Fly
I chose to love myself and see loves perfection reflected in everyone and everything

I will accept each trouble in life gratefully and realize they are a part of lifes growth
Please be Safe While Veiwing My Pages
You are listening to The Voice Within
Hi This is Me!
Favorite Quote

Love Bears all Things
Believes All Things
Hopes All Things
Endures All Things.....
Love Conquers All
Visit The Doll Palace [Where Cartoon Dolls Live]

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My Tribute to Sept 11th
We in Canada mourn with you
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