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Have You lived a Hell on Earth?
Hi, Welcome to  my page about Abuse. I am happy you have stopped by to visit.  I am an adult survivor of childhood abuse. My journey towards healing has not been an easy one. Any way you look at it Abuse in any form is a Crime! Abusers may often seem to others as if to be nromal people. You cannot walk down a street and pick them out in a crowd. But if you  have suffered through abuse in any way like me, trusting just anyone does not come easy.

No one can understand the horror or isolation a child is given when the act of abuse is thrown upon them, unless they have walked that road.

For many years I have had great bitterness in my heart and resentment towards religions who seem to turn there heads when it comes to issues about abuse. I hear people who have been through horror in their childhood say "Why does God allow this to happen"

In my opinion and keep in mind this is my opinion God is "not" to blame. The abuser alone is and should be responsible for their actions. In no way should there crimes be left unpunished. Unfortunately we live in a society where some feel they have the right to take the innocence away from another.

~It should not hurt to be a child~

These are the angels Neil and I  have adopted, in memory of Children who have been murdered........Approximatly 1200 children died of abuse and neglect in the year 2001. Please take time to read their stories.
Some of my poetry I have
written about abuse
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