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This poem was written after the devastating news came of 911 I can remember the day as if it was yesterday. My heart skipped a beat when the news came over the radio. I do believe this tradgic event was felt and has affected the lives of many  all around the world. I am Canadian. I can remember back thinking this was unreal. I wrote this poem as expression of sympathy and love to everyone. May somewhere in the healing there be Peace
Quiet Anger rages
looking down on twisted steel
Shaken by the suddeness
Innocent lives who'll never heal

Your voice said "I'm in trouble,
tell me what to do"
I wished I could have answered,
but fear gripped me through and through

I can't imagine how it felt
when fired filled the sky
I pray thy will be done Lord
but today I'm asking why

Heal us from this sensless act
that touched all the ages
Bring Peace Lord to whos hearts
Quiet Anger rages

Colleen Smith
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