Hello to each of you and thank you for caring enough to look at what I have to say. I was arrested eleven long years ago for a crime I didn't commit and it is like a horrible nightmare that I can't wake up from. I was arrested on the word of one man. His wife is my cousin. We grew up together and even when we grew up we remained very close. She married  Robert and then there was a distance between us, so when I was told that Robert said I did it, I didn't even know who Robert was.

With no physical evidence against me, I really don't know why I am here, but here I am day after long, dreary day. I am innocent. I know that and God knows that but the state of Texas disagrees. I have a great joy inside me because I know that I have done nothing wrong. These people are the sinners here. They have taken my rights, my dignity and eleven years of  my life with my sons and my mother. Martin Luther King said: If a man hasn't discovered  something that he will die for, he isn't fit to live. I don't want to die, but if the state takes my life, then it will be their sin and I am willing to die for this cause. I am an innocent man. I was  offered a life sentence if I would confess to the crimes, but that would be a second lie being told in this situation. The first was theirs and I have no control over what they do, but I know I am honest

Texas is murdering people randomly, black people and poor people and many of them are innocent. I don't know what the percentage is of innocent people here, but my guess is that it is high. When they have a crime here, they think that if they arrest someone, the people see  them taking care of crime and keeping the streets safe and it makes them look real good. Doesn't it matter if the person they arrest didn't commit the crime? I guess not. Well, I hope that you continue to fight for me and all of the others who are in this same position. My life is  hell right now, but hopefully all of this will end soon and I can get back to raising my sons and spending time with my mother.

Take Care and God Bless You!!!
Anthony Graves
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