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"Fear is good when it warns and bad when it masters"

-Uncle Bill [
Ecounter Near Venus, Leonard Wibberley]


If I looked in the mirror and just saw myself, I would have a very ordinary feeling about the day, but starting the day with this thing and the world it creates- the aura and mystery in the eyes and the head- it makes it possible to say those words, because I'm hidden behind the mask so I can feel those feelings and no one will be ashamed of me and I won't be ashamed of myself.  I can be poetic of need be.  Or I can be everything I might be afraid to be or ashamed to be in life."

-Andreas Katsulas ["Babylon's Brothers," Sci-Fi Universe Magazine- August 1998]






"From childhood's hour I have not seen
As others were -- I have not seen
As others saw -- I could not bring
My passion from a common spring --"

-Edgar Allan Poe [Alone]

"You pale to Fox Mulder!"

- Cigarette Smoking Man, a.k.a. C.G.B. Spender, a.k.a. Cancer Man, etc. [X-Files]


"Remember, you're the Queen!" (said Tom to Cpt. Janeway)

-Tom Paris [ST Voyager]

"If perfection were being asked of you, one could not expect it to be reached.  Perfection is unattainable, yet something to ever strive for."

- Kay Kelly


"I understand your meaning, and I would say yes -- Kate Mulgrew is becoming increasingly more difficult to play, because it's becoming such a complex life . . . Sometimes it's easier to slip into the skin of another character.  But I think I'm very well grounded, and I have no delusions of grandeur.  I think this is a marvelous chapter in mylife, and it will end.  Then there will be another chapter, which will be different, and then I'm going to be old-- and I hope gracious and wise and loving and kind.  So as long as I can sort of keep myself in balance, I think everything will be alright."

-Kate Mulgrew ["The Captain Who Almost Wasn't," Sci-Fi Universe Magazine- August 1998]



- The Borg


"We can do no great things; only small things with great love."

-Mother Theresa

"Sometimes fear can be a good thing. [It] keeps you from taking unnecessary chances.  Courage doesn't mean that you don't have fear.  It means that you've learned to overcome it."

- Tom Paris [Faces, ST Voyager]


"This is Captain Janeway.  I've never liked saying goodbye, so I'll make this brief; but I want you all to know that serving as your captain has been the most extroardinary experience of my life.  No captain could ask more than what this crew has give: bravery, compassion, strength of character.  But I think what I'll miss most is the fun, the times we joked together, the games on the holodeck.  I;ll remember the laughter more than anything.  Although Commander Chakotay and I won't be with you for the rest of your journey, we know you'll be the same steadfast crew for Mister Tuvok as you have been for us.  We wish you a safe and speedy journey home.  Our thoughts will be with you. Janeway out."

-Kathryn Janeway [Resolutions, ST Voyager]


"I will file a complete report in the morning, after I regegerate."

- Seven [ST Voyager]


"I think what I try to do is honor the passion I have for the craft.  In other words, everyday I say to myself, this is the day I become a good actress.  And of course, I never believe that I get there, so I have the next day to look forward to."

- Kate Mulgrew [The Captain Who Almost Wasn't, Sci-Fi Universe Magazine -August 1998]

" . . . despite good intentions of being commited to something, you can still get lost along the way."

-Peter Jurasik ["The Babylon Brothers," Sci-Fi Universe Magazine - August 1998]


"Her sudden surrender to her tears surprised him, but without giving it a second thought, he gathered her up and pulled her against him.  She closed her arms around his neck and wept against his shoulder, and he found himself weeping with her -- for her.  And he remembered how she had held him when he'd wept, how right it had felt, how much it had comforted him,how it had seemed like the light seeping into the darkened chambers of his heart.  That, more than her heroics . . . had probably saved his life."

-excerpt from
Evidence of Mercy [Suncoast Chronicles, Terri Blackstock]


"So while you want to be expansive and make good choices that you're going to be able to build on, you're also a little concerned about making choices that are going to come back and bite you."

- John de Lancie [True Q, Sci-Fi Universe Magazine -August 1998]


"Janeway's so inherently good, whenever I get the chance to be bad, I have a field day."

-Kate Mulgrew ["The Captain Who Almost Wasn't," Sci-Fi Universe - August 1998]


"My performance was unimpeachable."

-The Doctor [ST Voyager]


"I feel honored to be a part of the whole big story . . . Ultimately, all we wanted to do as an actor was be a part of the storytelling process.  That's why your attracted to acting -to tell stories and eliminate literature, the written word.  And that's what this has become for me."

-Peter Jurasik ["Baylon's Brothers," Sci-Fi Universe - August 1998]


"Great, a couple of dreamers are gonna solve all my problems... I'll tell you what I think, Son.  If you sweat over the land long enough, if you cry over it hard enough, and if you pray over it long enough, you might, you just might scratch out a bare living.  And that's what works, Elias.  and if you think anything different, you're dreaming.  I don't have time for dreamin', Son, and neither do you."

-Kate Mulgrew, as Victoria [Riddler's Moon]


"There are three things to remember about being a starship captain: keep your shirt tucked in, go down with the ship, and never abandon a member of your crew."

- Captain Janeway [2 hour Voyager movie special (title unknown), ST Voyager]


"Next season, Mulgrew would like the writers to explore more of what she says is the lonliness of command for Janeway.

'I think it's very important that they address her humanity, as well as her sexuality at this point and time.  I was less vigorous in my approach to this problem, or this question, because, in the beginning I was pretty dedicated to Janeway's instituting of her command.  But now that that's been established, I think it's very important  that we not forget she's a woman.  I think she needs to resolve her relationship with Chakotay and define it, to put the veiwers at ease, as well as herself and her First Officer.  My greatest wish would be that they would have a continence and a depth, an intimacy without erotic overtones, I think the writers need to address that.'"

- Excerpt from "The Captain Who Almost Wasn't" [Sci-Fi Universe Magazine, August 1998]

"In space there is no atmosphere or gas to produce a diffusing and reflecting medium.  All is black --blaker than anything you have ever seen.  And yet in the blackness you see the suns of the universe, beautiful, brilliant, and distant, scintillating all about you and lovlier than any sights Earth has to offer.  So what you call space we call the Dark Field of Lights."

-Plutonius [Lumen from Encounter Near Venus, Leonard Wibberley]


"We're Starfleet officers, wierd is part of the job."

-Kathryn Janeway [ST Voyager]

"You have this power over people, you make them laugh and cry.  It's a place for me to put my joy.  I want to be joyful.  And that's what I want to give people is joy."

-Roma Downey [More True Stories From "Touched by an Angel"]


"Character is something way beyond you and you must not bring the character down to your ordinary self.  You must aspire to the character."

-Peter Brook [a director]

"Earth will be only a blue globe clad in a garment of tattered silver.  And then you will enter the great contradiction that lies at the bottom of all truth - The Dark Field of Lights."

-Plutonius [Lumen from
Encounter Near Venus, Leonard Wibberly]


"If you make a joyful noise unto the Lord, it almost doesn't matter what you sound like.  And the music of this show and the joy of this show is its ongoing message that God loves you.  And that's the sweetest music that there is, and the truest story of all."

-Roma Downey [More True Stories from "Touched by an Angel"